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What Can Cause Minimal Change Disease

2013-09-07 17:32

What Can Cause Minimal Change DiseaseMinimal change disease (MCD) is a kind of primary glomerular disease. MCD can be divided into the primary one and the secondary one.

The causes of the primary CKD is not very clear at this time, but it is said the following factors can contribute to the occurrence of this kidney problem.


Medicine is a very common cause to MCD and they are penicillamine, non-steroidal anti-in-flammatory drugs, trimethadione, and so on.


Pollen, milk, pork, dust, etc. These substances are sensitive to some people, so these people have the possibility of getting MCD if they contact these substances.


Tumor is a kind of severe disease, which can not be cured so far. It can also because Minimal Change Disease and it causes kidney problem by damaging glomeruli.


Infections like virus, pneumonia, bilharziasis, and so on, can cause this disease as well. Also it is a leading cause of frequent relapse of Minimal Change Disease. This situation is common in MCD cases, and it can aggravate patient’ condition, so patients with MCD need to take some preventive measures of infection.


Skin diseases like rash, contact dermatitis, and so on, can be the inducing factors of MCD. They affect kidney by impairing immune system. When immunity is weakened, antigen invades our body easily. In such a case, immune complexes which may deposit in kidney and causekidney damages are formed easily.

The above is the general introduction about the cause of MCD, and it is not all-sided. If you have any questions or if there is anything unclear, please feel free to consult us and we will try our best to help you solve your problems within 48 hours.

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