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Which Natural Therapy Can Help Kidney Failure Patients Prevent Dialysis

In most countries, the kidney failure patients will be recommended to do dialysis through dialysis can bring many discomforts like weakness, muscle cramp, poor appetite and so on to the patients. So that, the patients are eager to know whic...Read More

How Toxin-Removing Therapy Helps Kidney Failure Patients

How Toxin-Removing Therapy helps kidney failure patients? It is available and safe? Can dialysis be avoided thoroughly with the assistance of Toxin-Removing Therapy? Above all, lets talk about kidney failure. Kidney failure implies that the...Read More

Is There Any Effective Treatment to Save the Failed Kidney

Kidney is the important organ which works on decontaminating the blood and maintaining the balance of electrolyte. When the kidney is failed, certain toxic substances will be deposited in the body, in which case, the patients will also have...Read More

Kidney Failure and Creatinine 9.5, How to Cure Lung Edema

Usually, lung edema will make the patients feel difficulty to breath, which is a life-threatening condition, especially for the kidney failure patients. While, how to cure lung edema with kidney failure and creatinine 9.5? Medically, kidney...Read More

Once the Kidney is Failed, What Can We Do to Reverse It

With the development of economic and medical, the life of people is extended, and also many persons find out that they are ill with kidney disease due to the unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. Once the kidney is failed , the patients wi...Read More

Kidney Function 12% and Kidney Failure, What is My Life Expectancy

Kidney failure is that the kidney is forced to lose its function bit by bit. Once the kidney is damaged completely, the patients may be suggested to do dialysis for prolonging life. So that, many kidney failure patients with kidney function...Read More

Which Chinese Treatments Could Increase My GFR

Chinese treatment includes Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Medicated Bath, Acupuncture Therapy, Steaming Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy and so on, which is produced and improved to treat the illnesses from the root causes naturally. Well, whic...Read More

Kidney Failure and Creatinine 3.4, Is Dialysis Needed Immediately

Dialysis is a common treatment to filter the blood and remove some toxins and wastes from body for the kidney failure patients. But, it usually induces itching skin, weakness, muscle cramp and other side effects. So, the patients wonder is...Read More

How to Reduce the Frequent of Dialysis for Kidney Failure Patients

As a result of the sufferings caused by dialysis, the kidney failure patients want to stop or dialysis. Nevertheless, once the kidney failure patients start dialysis, it is hard for them to stop dialysis as the renal function will be less a...Read More

What Should We Do to Avoid Dialysis in Creatinine 5 and Kidney Failure

At the time the serum creatinine goes up to 5, there are various toxins and waste products aggregated in the body, in which situation the patients will have so much discomforts as well as near the need of the dialysis. Then, what should we...Read More

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