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Creatinine 8.7 Dialysis Patients Have Dizziness In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Hi, doctor, i am a Dialysis patient caused by Diabetic Nephropathy, Stage 4 Kidney Failure, Dizziness, poor appetite, diabetic foot, Creatinine 8.7. I accept dialysis treatment that why i still have so many symptoms of kidney disease? Can i ...Read More

Chinese Medicine Remedy to Kidney Failure and Creatinine 611

Many people are afraid of kidney failure since it is an incurable illness and requires life-long dialysis or transplant. But in fact, there are still chances for the patients to hold a healthy life. Here the article will show you Chinese me...Read More

Creatinine 541 in Renal Failure Would We Prevent Dialysis

Dialysis is one of the wildly applied technology to renal failure patients for lowering the creatinine level, managing the life-threatening symptoms and prolonging life. In spite of this, it can rise the weakness, infection, muscle cramp or...Read More

Solutions for Kidney Failure with Swelling and Back Pain in Creatinine 400

Swelling and back pain will come out in the kidney failure, and the creatinine 400 usually stands for a serious renal condition in which the patients will even undergo life-threatening symptoms. While, I am objective to talk about solutions...Read More

Is There Any Thing To Heal Your Kidney When Creatinine is 6 Suddenly

In recent days, a reader asked Is there any thing to heal your kidney when creatinine is 6 suddenly? For helping more patients who are confused by kidney disease and its treatments, I will introduce some related information here or you can...Read More

Chinese Herbal Medicine How Can It Dispel Weakness in Kidney Failure

Weakness is very common in many illnesses including in kidney failure. And it would disturb the patients daily life a lot. Additionally, many patients do not find out the effective cure to weakness in kidney failure. So, I objective to show...Read More

Which Natural Treatment is Best to Kidney Failure with Creatinine 500

Dialysis and transplant are the traditional treatment for kidney failure patients. But nowadays, they are not the only option. And more and more patients prefer a natural method to get better with none complications. However, which natural...Read More

Does Acupuncture Benefit Kidney Failure with Creatinine 6

Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), can be used to treat many illnesses fundamentally. Due to its painless, more and more patients option it to get improved. While, does Acupuncture benefit kidney failure with creatinine 6? K...Read More

Diagnosed with Creatinine 6.8 and Renal Failure What is Treatment

Is it dangerous when creatinine level is high? How to deal with high serum creatinine level? What is treatment to high creatinine and renal failure? If you have any similar query, welcome to read the total article....Read More

What is the TCM Recipes for Kidney Cleansing

Visitor: Im looking for a TCM recipes for kidney cleansing. Doctor: Glad to help. What is your kidney problem? Visitor: Weak kidney function, need to go for dialysis in recent days. Doctor: Do you start dialysis? What is your creatinine lev...Read More

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