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How to Deal with Legs Cramp in Situation of Kidney Failure

Legs cramp usually make the patients undergo the sharp pain, in which case the patients will have so much sufferings. While, how to deal with legs cramp in situation of kidney failure? First at all, is the legs cramp caused by kidney failur...Read More

What Can I do to Treat Creatinine 7.2 and Itching Skin

One day, a kidney failure patient asked me how to alleviate itching skin after dialysis. His creatinine is 7.2, and he has been dialysis for 8 months. What can I do to help him? As a matter of fact, the dialysis is used to prolong patients...Read More

Can Kidney Failure Patient with Creatinine 7.7 Live without Dialysis

To be frankly, for kidney failure patients with creatinine 7.7 they have developed into end-stage renal disease with loss of most kidney function. At this point, the kidneys are unable to work adequately to sustain life...Read More

Why Patient with Kidney Failure Would Suffer from Hemorrhage

I had back pain, and then woke up with nose bleed, is it a sign of renal failure? Is there any connection between Chronic Kidney Failure and nose bleeding?...Read More

Foamy Urine in Kidney Failure

In medicine, foamy urine is also called proteinuria which is the presence of excess protein in urine. It is one of the leading symptoms of kidney failure. Most of the kidney failure patients may experience it, but some may not...Read More

Kidney Failure with Anemia: How to Treat It

I am a kidney failure patient and suffered form anemia, i want to know how to treat it? I heard that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapypy is effective for treating kidney failure, then is it helpful for me?...Read More

Why Kidney Failure Patient is Easy to Get High Uric Acid

High uric acid often occurs in case of kidney disease and kidney failure. When the clearance rate of creatinine is below 5%-20%, patients will have hyperuricemia...Read More

Basics About Protein Leakage in Kidney Failure

It is known that kidney failure can induce many symptoms and protein leakage is one of the most common one, it can affect the patient’s life greatly...Read More

What are the Causes of Muscle Cramps in Kidney Failure and How to Treat It

What are the causes of muscle cramps in kidney disease and how to treat it ? Muscle cramps as one of the symptoms of kidney disease affect the patient’s life greatlly...Read More

Kidney Failure Patient Have Trouble in Sleeping can It be Helped with Dialysis

Kidney failure patients have trouble in sleeping, is this a symptom that can be helped with dialysis ?...Read More