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What will Happen if Kidney Failure Patient Drinks too much Water

What will happen if kidney failure patient drinks too much water ? would it be fatal? renal failure patients drink too much water, they cannot discharge out the fluid water timely due to the kidney disfunction...Read More

Why People with Kidney Failure should Control the Intake of Potassium

Why people with kidney failure should control the intake of potassium ? You know a good diet will help to protect the kidneys from further damage and delay the progression of this disease, so as a kidney disease patient they should pay high ...Read More

Are Some Proteins Better than Others for Kidney Failure Patient

It is known that people with kidney disease should control protein intake, but as one of the necessary nutritions of our body, people have to eat some of them. Are there some proteins better than others for Kidney Failure patient ?...Read More

Is Curry Powder Safe for Dialysis Patient

Curry powder is loved by many people, it is used widely in cooking, especially in making curry. Then is it safe for patients who are undergoing dialysis ?...Read More

How much Fluid for Stage 4 Kidney Failure with Diabetes

How much fluid should patients with Stage 4 Kidney Failure and Diabetes take? In response to this frequently asked question, we offer detailed analysis as below....Read More

Can Kidney Failure Patients Have Mushroom

As we all know,Kidney Failure patients are always having a strict diet plan.Is mushroom proper for kidney failure patients?Many patients have consideration about whether to have mushroom or not.Follow our descriptions and find the answers....Read More

Can Kidney Failure Patients Have Wine

Wine becomes common drinks.It is delicious.Can Kidney Failure Patients have Wine?As many kidney failure patients have considerations in having wine,our experts provide specific and professional analysis in the following articles....Read More

Are Oranges Bad for Kidney Failure Patients

Orange is one of favourite fruit for many people.Are oranges bad for kidney failure patients? Follow our descriptions and find the answers....Read More

Is Lemon Juice Helpful for Kidney Failure Patients

Lemon Juice becomes more and more popular in people’s table.Is Lemon Juice Helpful for Kidney Failure Patients?and what should we do for Kidney Failure Patients?Follow our descriptions and find the answers....Read More

Diet Recommendations for Stage 5 Kidney Failure without Dialysis

At stage 5 of kidney failure,which is also called end stage renal disease (ESRD), patients have only less than 15% kidney function with GFR 15 ml/min or less. And filtration of blood is impaired very severely, which leads to large quantitie...Read More