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What does It Means If You Have 25% Kidney Function Left

What does it means if you have 25% kidney function left ? As a kidney disease patient, doctors always you to take some test related to kidney function, after that you will be told how many function you still have...Read More

Does Legs Numbness Means the Kidney is Failing

I am a kidney disease patient and now are experiencing legs numbness, does that means my kidney is failing ? It is possible but not absolutely, except kidney failure....Read More

My Creatinine Level Increase from 1.7 to 2.3 Is this the Start of Kidney Failure

My creatinine level increase from 1.7 to 2.3 is this the start of Kidney Failure ? Exclude the non-pathological factors, if your creatinine level increase from 1.7 to 2.3 that may indicate the start of Kidney Failure....Read More

5.2 Creatinine Level on Dialysis How to Reverse Kidney Failure

Once we got a query from one patient, he stated, “I have 5.2 creatinine level on dialysis. Could you please advise how to reverse my Kidney Failure?”...Read More

Kidney Failure and Creatinine Level 13 What does It Mean

If a person has been diagnosed of Kidney Failure and creatinine level 13, what does it mean? We have got consulted about this question for many times....Read More

Creatinine 600 in Kidney Failure: Does It Indicate Dialysis

After getting diagnosed of creatinine 600 in Kidney Failure, patient may wonder if this diagnosis indicates dialysis. In this text, let’s discuss this issue and find the corresponding answer....Read More

How to Diagnose Kidney Failure

How to diagnose kidney failure? Every one has two bean-shaped kidneys, and kidneys play a key role in the body. Kidneys can filter our blood, produce urine and keep the balance of water. Kidneys also expel metabolic products and toxins, as...Read More

Blood Urea Nitrogen Test For Kidney Failure

Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test is a common blood test for kidney function. It is done to see how well your kidneys are working by measuring the amount of nitrogen in the blood. So patients with kidney failure need to be checked the amount o...Read More

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