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How Can Diarrhea Induce Kidney Failure

In general, diarrhea can be caused by food poisons and if it cant be treated effectively and timely, it will cause many serious complications, which contain acute kidney failure...Read More

How does Diarrhea Cause Acute Kidney Failure

How does diarrhea cause acute kidney failure? As we know, kidney failure patients often suffer from some serious symptoms because of their kidney damage. When the kidneys are damaged, they will lost their functions of filtering wastes and t...Read More

Is Kidney Atrophy Hereditary

Is kidney atrophy hereditary? When someone with parents or relatives suffering from renal atrophy is told their kidneys are shrunk, they may have the doubt if kidney atrophy is hereditary. Kidney atrophy refers to kidney size is smaller tha...Read More

What are the Causes of Kidney Failure

Kidney failure, which is also called renal failure, is a medical condition of kidney disease. And in this condition, the kidneys lost the function of filtering wastes and toxins in blood adequately. There are many factors that can cause kid...Read More

Can Hypertension Cause Renal Failure

Can hypertension cause renal failure? The ideal blood pressure for people is at or below 120 over 80(120/80). Both low blood pressure and high blood pressure can cause health problems, so measuring blood pressure regularly is very beneficia...Read More

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