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What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a great alternative treatment for kidney disease especially which is due to autoimmune disease. As a combination of herbal medicines and western medicines, this therapy shows outstanding therapeutic effects on not only treating kidney disease but also regulating patients’ immune system.

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Why is Immunotherapy created?

It depends on the link between immune system and kidney disease. It is reported that 85%-90% of kidney diseases result from inappropriate immune response and low immunity. The reason why we human being can be free from the attack of bacteria or virus is that we have strong immune system.
However, once our immune system is disturbed, antigens can combine antibodies easily so as to form immune complexes. These complexes can build up in any part of our body to cause damage via blood circulation. Kidney disease, such as IgA Nephropathy, Lupus Nephritis and Purpura Nephritis, occurs as a consequence of the immune complex deposition in kidney. Based on this, many kidney experts work together to create Immunotherapy in recent years.

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What are the steps of Immunotherapy?

For different purposes, Immunotherapy is divided into six steps, which are interlinked with each other.
1.Accurate diagnosis
An accurate diagnosis is a guarantee for offering patients a correct treatment. Through immune diagnosis, doctors can find out the type, amount and locations of immune complexes. All of these can help doctors have an overall understanding of patients’ kidney disease.
2.Immune blocking
Immune blocking aims to prevent the repeat recurrences of kidney diseases such as Nephrotic Syndrome and IgA Nephropathy. From the above content, we know the attack of immune complex deposition is the direct cause of kidney disease, so blocking the attack is a must to prevent further kidney damage. To achieve this purpose, small dose of immunosuppressive agents are used selectively according to patients’ condition.
3.Immune tolerance
Since immune complex deposition is the pathogenic factor, clearing away these immune complexes is the fundamental treatment. However, it is impossible to remove all of these immune complexes in a short time. In view of this, immune tolerance is needed to make our kidney live together with these complexes for a period of time.
4.Immune clearance
In this step, different blood purification techniques are applied, in order to not only eliminate waste products, toxins and excess water from the blood but also clear away immune complexes. Thereby, kidneys can avoid damage successfully.
5.Immune regulation
Even though immune clearance can help remove immune complexes, abnormal immune system and poor immunity can cause the formation of immune complexes again, leading to the relapse of kidney disease easily. Immune regulation focuses on normalizing patients’ immune system and enhance patients’ immunity, so as to control patients’ disease fundamentally.
6.Immune protection
After immune regulation, patients should also pay attention to nursing care, scientific diet and healthy lifestyle to protect themselves from infections. With strong immunity and healthy lifestyle, patients can be free from pathogenic factors.

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Where is Immunotherapy available?

Until now, we haven't established any branch in other countries, so patients need to come here to accept Immunotherapy if they want to treat their autoimmune kidney diseases fundamentally. Please, don’t disappoint. Because Immunotherapy has shown a great therapeutic effect, we are planning to set up branches in the United States, India, PNG, and so on in the near future.

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