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What is Immunoadsorption?

Immunoadsorption is one kind of blood purification technologies that is known for about 20 years and attracts physicians’ attention in recent years. Immunoadsorption is capable to eliminate large amounts of immunoglobulins from patient’s circulation with few side effects. Now, it has been used to treat many kidney diseases and other diseases.

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What diseases can Immunoadsorption help treat?

Now, this blood purification method has been used widely in the following diseases:
● Kidney or other organ transplant
● Kidney Disease such as Lupus Nephritis, lipoprotein glomerulopathy and IgA Nephropathy
● Blood disease like hemolytic anemia, hemophilia and thrombocytopenic purpura
● Nervous system disease
● Rheumatic disease

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What are the complications of Immunoadsorption?

At present, the technology of Immunoadsorption has been quite matured especially after adopting membranous plasma separation technology, so this therapy has few complications.Only in some cases may low blood pressure, hypocalcemia, arrhythmia,anaphylaxis, infections, hemolysis, bleeding or coagulation disorders occur.

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What are therapeutic effects of Immunoadsorption?

1.Clear away pathogenic factors
In clinical, many diseases are caused by pathogenic factors in circulation system. Auto-antibodies, circulating immune complexes, tumor necrosis factor, interleukin, low density lipoprotein cholesterol, a huge variety of protein, toxins and endotoxin, all belong to pathogenic factors and can be removed by Immunoadsorption.
2.Eliminate anaphylatoxin
This effect is able to delay inflammatory reactions and influence of cell factors.
3.Regulate immune system
On one hand, Immunoadsorption can normalize patients’ immune system so as to inhibit lymphoproliferation and reduce the release of inflammatory medium. On the other hand, it can also restore the function of plasma factors, complement, clotting factors, and regulation factors.
4.Nonspecific therapeutic effect
Immunoadsorption is helpful to decrease inflammatory factors in plasma such as complement and fibrinogen.
Immunoadsorption has helped many autoimmune disease patients get great relief. If you are recommended to accept it, you may find you indeed get more than you expect. However, never begin it without doctors' permission.

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