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The Symptoms And Treatment Of IgA Nephritis

Core Tips: IgA Nephritis is an uncommon disease, although this disease is not common, but the impact on the human body is very large, so it is necessary to understand the symptoms of this disease,and we will talk about these symptoms about...Read More

The Symptoms of IgA Nephropathy And Nephrotic Syndrome

Many patients dont understand the Iga Nephropathy well, and that is a trouble to most of them, then we must know more about it and then we can find the appropriate treatment to improve the condition.Iga Nephritis ( IgA glomerionephritis ) i...Read More

The Clasification and Treatment of IGA Nephropathy

With urinary protein and creatinine, if you have the following three conditions, IgA nephropathy should be suspected: 1 The gross hematuria of the upper respiratory tract infection or the onset of tonsillitis occurs at the same time or in...Read More

Blood Urine Appears After Infection Is It A Sign of IgA Nephropathy

As we all know, a distinguishing feature of IgA nephropathy is the blood urine coming out after a cold or infection arisen. While, once blood urine appears after infection, is it a sign of IgA nephropathy? Of course not. There are may reaso...Read More

IgA Nephropathy and Creatinine 3.34 How to Remedy Low Haemoglobin

Low haemoglobin is the most main index of the anemia in clinic. And the patients with low haemoglobin will feel tired easy, dizziness, weakness or even have risk for death. While, how to remedy low haemoglobin in IgA nephropathy and creatin...Read More

IgA Nephropathy How to Dispel Hematuria Drastically

As all we know that IgA nephropathy is related to the immune disorder. Usually, IgA nephropathy patients will have gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria once they have cold, infection or other inductive factors. Hence, how to dispel hema...Read More

IgA Nephropathy Is There Any Producer to Lower Creatinine 5.8

For the patients with creatinine 5.8, their kidneys have been damaged too badly to finish the detoxification completely and what they should pay attention is to clean up toxins and to recover renal function rather than simply lower creatinin...Read More

What is the Herbal Medicine to Cure Proteinuria in IgA Nephropathy

For IgA nephropathy patients with proteinuria, some western medicine will adopted to control it. However, the proteinuria will reoccur again. And then, what is the herbal medicine to cure proteinuria in IgA nephropathy? What is proteinuria?...Read More

How Chinese Medicine Reduces Creatinine 5.5 for IgA Nephropathy

Chinese Medicine have been used to treat various diseases successfully and naturally. And then, is it also available for IgA nephropathy? How does Chinese medicine reduce creatinine 5.5 for IgA nephropathy? The biggest problem of the IgA ne...Read More

How to Treat The Relapsed Hematuria in IgA Nephropathy with Creatinine 2.8

To be honest, the IgA Nephropathy patients will have hematuria in the stage 1. But, we usually do not notice it. And in a general way, once we find out we are struggling in IgA nephropathy with hematuria, the patients are already in the sta...Read More