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How to Get the Creatinine Level Down in Hypertensive Nephropathy

Why creatinine level goes up in the situation of hypertensive nephropathy? How to get the creatinine level down in hypertensive nephropathy? What is the specific treatments to dorp down creatinine level? Many people do believe that there is...Read More

What are Herbal Treatments to Hypertension Nephropathy Patients

What are herbal treatments to hypertensive nephropathy? I do believe you also want to gain the answer of the question. So that, I write this essay to tell the patients more information about treatments to hypertensive nephropathy. Firstly,...Read More

Hypertensive Nephropathy and Kidney Function 29%, What is Treatment

What is treatment to hypertensive nephropathy with kidney function 29%? If you have the similar problem, you should understand clearly what is hypertensive nephropathy, how kidney function lowered to 29%, what will happen when there are onl...Read More

Hypertension and Kidney Problem, What are Possible Treatments

What are possible treatments to the patients with hypertension and kidney problem? If you have any doubt about this, please contact the Online Doctor . If the patients want to reap the harvest of good result of remedying hypertension and ki...Read More

Can Hypertensive Nephropathy be cured Apart from Dialysis

As the kidney is damaged gradually by the long-standing high blood pressure, many illnesses like headache, edema, proteinuria, vomiting and so on will appear bit b bit. While, can hypertensive nephropathy be cured apart from dialysis? Hones...Read More

How Can I Cure Damaged Kidney in Hypertensive Nephropathy

Once the the kidney is damaged by years of uncontrolled hypertension, the patients will gradually be ill with blood urine, foam urine, edema and other symptoms. So that, the patients are eager to know how can I cure damaged kidney in hypert...Read More

Hypertensive Nephropathy, Can I Get Rid Of Dialysis

Once the hypertensive nephropathy have the threatening symptoms, they will have to do dialysis immediately so as to prolong life. But dialysis is not a good option to the patients as it will rise so much illnesses. And then, there is no dou...Read More

High Blood Pressure and Edema, Is It Possible to Cure Damaged Kidney

Good evening, doctor. I am a high blood pressure patient. And I was diagnosed with kidney disease two years ago. At present, I am struggling in serious edema in both two legs. Is it possible for me to cure damaged kidney? this is from an In...Read More

Hypertension and Kidney Disease, What Can We Do to Deal With Edema

Edema is one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease. Usually, the patients in the early stage of kidney disease will have swelling in arm, hand, feet, leg, face or other part of the body. If the patients also have trouble with high b...Read More

Remedies for Kidneys Working 12% with Hypertension Nephropathy

As the long-standing high blood pressure strongly attack against the walls of the blood vessels, the renal function will be lowered. It is called hypertension nephropathy. While, what are remedies for kidneys working 12% with hypertension n...Read More