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Creatinine 689 and Hypertensive Nephropathy Should Dialysis be Done

As we all know, once the kidney is damaged badly, the dialysis is required to prolong life triumphantly. While, when creatinine is 689 for hypertensive nephropathy patients, should dialysis be done? In most countries, dialysis is usually su...Read More

Hypertension and Kidney Disease How to Lower Creatinine 200 Naturally

Nowadays, more and more patients find out they have trouble with high blood pressure and then suffer from the elevated creatinine level. While, how to lower creatinine 200 naturally for patients with hypertension and kidney disease?...Read More

Chinese Herbal Medicine Would Hypertensive Kidney Disease Be Cured

With the search of the alternative treatment of dialysis and transplant, more and more patients realize the advantage of Chinese herbal medicine. However, they still wonder would hypertensive kidney disease be cured with Chinese herbal medi...Read More

Hypertensive Nephropathy with GFR 23% Is Chinese Medicine Helpful

Chinese medicine becomes popular in the world due to its good effects on recover renal function naturally for kidney disorder patients. Well, is Chinese medicine helpful for hypertensive nephropathy? For more information in details, please...Read More

Creatinine 4.1 and Hypertensive Nephropathy How to Treat Tiredness

Hypertensive nephropathy is a genre of kidney impairment incurred by years of unbounded high blood pressure. Once the creatinine goes up to 4.1 which means the patients are in the middle stage of hypertensive nephropathy, the patients will...Read More

Creatinine 8 After 3 Days of Dialysis How to Reduce High Blood Pressure

Patient: My sister had kidney infection when she was 10 she suffers from high blood pressure. Her creatinine level remains 8 after 3 days of dialysis. Doctor: I want to know for your sister doing dialysis regularly or not?How long for dialy...Read More

Which Medicines Used to Reduce Creatinine 4.5 with Hypertension

Which medicines used to reduce creatinine 4.5 with hypertension? If you are interested in this, please contact Online Doctor . Is it serious to have creatinine 4.5 and hypertension? Yes. Hypertension standing for a high blood pressure in ou...Read More

Creatinine 7.6 and Hypertension, How Should I Improve Kidney Function 16%

Kidney function 16% means the patients are in the stage 4 kidney disease which is near kidney failure, in which case, the patients need to take dialysis or operation as a result of the seriously complications. While, how should I improve ki...Read More

Is Dialysis A Must for Patients with Hypertension and Creatinine 8.36

Dialysis is used as an artificial substitute to the kidney function for removing certain poisons from body by a machine. As it can lead to so much sufferings and it can not resume the kidney function, more and more patients wonder is dialys...Read More

Is There Any Measure to Control Headache for Hypertensive Nephropathy

Headache will make the patients endure acute pain, nausea, vomiting and other sufferings. However, is there any measure to control headache for hypertensive nephropathy?...Read More