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Prognosis of Hypertensive Nephropathy

2013-09-06 16:50

Prognosis of Hypertensive NephropathyPatients with hypertensive nephropathy always want to know the prognosis or how long they can live. In fact, it is hard to say, because the answer differs from person to person and many factors affect these patients’ prognosis. But the earlier you are diagnosed hypertensive nephropathy, the better your prognosis is.

What affects the prognosis of hypertensive nephropathy?

High blood pressure: hypertensive nephropathy is a kidney disease caused by high blood pressure. High blood pressure has become a second leading cause of chronic kidney disease. For patients with hypertensive kidney disease, they have to control high blood pressure. Otherwise, high blood pressure can cause further kidney damage.

Daily diet: it can affect the prognosis of hypertensive nephropathy. Patients with kidney disease have to pay attention to their daily diet. A reasonable diet can improve the prognosis, but on the contrary, a mistaken diet may lead to a poor prognosis. Firstly, patients have to limit the intake of salt. Secondly, they have to limit the intake of protein. It is better for them to ingest high quality protein. Thirdly, choose the foods which can reduce high blood pressure, like bitter gourd, wax gourd, cucumber, celery, etc.

Living habits: it is absolutely necessary to take some exercises every day. Doing exercises not only helps you to improve your immunity, but also make you have a good attitude. For patients with hypertensive nephropathy, they can not do strenuous exercise. Besides, patients should give up smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee.

Effective treatment: all of us know that an effective treatment can prolong our lifetime. So choosing a correct hospital is very important for patients with hypertensive nephropathy. Patients may have received a series of treatments in different hospitals. But if you are still in severe condition, you can have a try in our clinic. Our clinic is a specialized in treating kidney disease. And up to now, there are many foreigners with kidney disease coming here and receiving treatment.

If you want to improve the prognosis of hypertensive nephropathy and want to know more about our clinic, you can consult our online doctor.

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