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How to Improve the Prognosis of Hypertensive Nephropathy

2013-11-12 14:40

How to Improve the Prognosis of Hypertensive NephropathyHypertensive Nephropathy results from long-term chronic high blood pressure. If left untreated, Hypertensive kidney disease may eventually progress to kidney failure. Therefore, to improve the prognosis of Hypertensive Nephropathy is quite necessary for these patients.

How does hypertension damage kidneys?

Kidneys are organs surrounded by blood capillaries, which can help filter out wastes and prevent protein from leaking into urine. High blood pressure increases the pressure to vascular walls so that protein leaks from the kidneys. This can cause damage to kidney filtration system. If untreated timely, long-term kidney damage will be irreversible and the compensatory ability of kidneys increases. Finally, kidney disease advances to kidney failure.

What is Hypertensive Nephropathy prognosis?

First of all, uncontrolled hypertension and low kidney function level indicate bad prognosis of of Hypertensive Nephropathy. Besides high blood pressure and kidney function, complications including cardiovascular disease and proteinuria also affect the prognosis of Hypertensive Nephropathy. If left uncontrolled, some of these complications may be life threatening.

How to improve the prognosis of Hypertensive Nephropathy?

Since high blood pressure, the level of kidney function and complications determine patients’ prognosis, our therapies should begin with these three points.

1. Control high blood pressure actively

Various anti-hypertensive agents are usually used for people with high blood pressure. For kidney disease patients, ACEi and ARBs are better, because they can also protect kidneys and ease proteinuria. Besides, a healthy diet with low salt and protein is also needed.

2. Manage hypertension complications timely

Addition to kidney damage, hypertension can also cause damage to many other organs and systems. For example, if patients have proteinuria, it may cause further kidney damage. To prevent protein from leaking into urine, steroids are often used. Also, taking in correct amount of high-quality protein is useful.

3. Improve kidney function level effectively

As introduced by doctors of TCM, some herbal medicines are effective on dilating blood vessels and increasing the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells. With these effects, the pressure on vascular walls reduces and more blood transport to impaired kidney cells. As a result, kidney function can recover gradually. Leave a message below to consult what herbs are helpful for you.

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