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A Healthy Diet For Patients With Hypertensive Nephropathy

2013-09-02 17:26

A Healthy Diet For Patients With Hypertensive NephropathyHypertensive nephropathy is caused by a long history of high blood pressure. It will develop into kidney failure if uncontrolled effectively. A healthy diet can help patients control their condition to some extent. Therefore, patients with hypertensive nephropathy need to know how to make a healthy diet for Hypertensive Nephropathy.

A healthy diet plays an important role in controlling the development of hypertensive nephropathy. A reasonable diet can decrease high blood pressure and reduce the damage of kidneys. The following are some suggestions for such a reasonable diet.

●Limit the intake of sodium: In our daily life, salt is a kind of indispensable condiment. But for patients with hypertensive nephropathy, they have to limit the intake of salt and eat the light food, because there is lots of sodium in salt, which can accumulate much water in the body and cause swelling. Besides, salt can make blood pressure increase. Increased blood pressure can cause further kidney damage. Therefore, patients need to limit the intake of sodium.

●Choose the foods which can reduce high blood pressure, such as bitter gourd, wax gourd, cucumber, celery, garlic and onion and so on. The key to control hypertensive nephropathy is to reduce high blood pressure. Eating these foods helps to lower blood pressure.

●Limit the intake of protein: Protein is an important nutrient in the body. But for patients with hypertensive nephropathy, they need to limit protein intake. This is because excess protein can increase the burden of kidney and make kidney overload. It is better for patients to ingest high quality protein, like fish, lean meat, milk and egg white.

●Manage the intake of potassium: In the early stage of hypertensive nephropathy, patients can eat the foods with high potassium, like orange, apple, banana, spinach, mushroom, etc, because potassium can reduce blood pressure and balance sodium. But in the late stage of hypertensive nephropathy, if your body has high level of potassium, you need to avoid high-potassium foods.

●Quit smoking and drinking: Tobacco and alcohol are bad for patients with kidney disease, so they need to give up smoking and drinking.

These suggestions can help people deal with hypertensive nephropathy, but the detailed diet plan should depend on patients’ individual condition. If you are suffering from Hypertensive Nephropathy, you can describe your illness condition to the online doctor, so they can help you make a diet plan in detail.

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