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Can We Get Micro-Chinese Medicine Treatment In the United States

American guest 07-16 21:50:57 Where can we get micro Chinese medicine treatment in the United States? kidney-expert 07-16 21:51:26 Are you the kidney patient? kidney-expert 07-16 21:51:33 It is only belong to China. kidney-expert 07-16 21:5...Read More

Top Seven Treatments are Better than Dialysis

To be frankly, dialysis as one of the most common treatment of kidney failure, it is not the best treatment. It is said that the Top Seven Treatments have better curative effect than dialysis in treating kidney failure...Read More

Is Foot Bath Therapy Just Warm Water

Are Foot Bath just warm water ? In fact, the Foot Bath is not simply warm water, there are may kinds of herbs in it. By immersing the feet into the medicinal decotion, which can act on Yongquan acupoint and Taixi acupoint ...Read More

How to Deal With A Patient Only Have 4% Kidney Function

Improve kidney function is very necessary for a patient only have 4% kidney function. Because in this kind of condition the kidney almost damage completely, too much toxins, waste and water are store up inside of human body. That is very dan...Read More

What is the Best Chinese Medicine for Kidney Failure

What is the best medicine for kidney failure? In fact, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the best medicine for kidney failure, it can treat this disease no dialysis, no pain...Read More

Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Helpful for Dialysis

Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helpful for dialysis ? It is known that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has remarkable effect in treating kidney disease...Read More

What Chinese Herbal Medicines are Helpful for Improving Kidney Functions

What Chinese Herbal Medicines are helpful for improving kidney function ? Chinese herbal medicines are well-known for its curative effect, they are used widely in treating kidney disease in our days...Read More

Chinese Medicine Bring New Hope for Kidney Disease Patient

With the times going, Chinese Medicine are used more and more in treating kidney disease. Compared with Western Medicine, it may works slower but it do bring hope for kidney disease patient by it’s curative effect...Read More

Creatinine Level Goes High Can Hot Compress Therapy Reduce It

Creatinine level goes high can Hot Compress Therapy reduce it ? It is known that Hot Compress Therapy is one of the effective therapies of kidney disease, it can reduce the high creatinine level by improving the kidney function...Read More

How Long Will Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Take to Work

How long will Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy take to work ? In fact, this kind of therapy is a permanently treatment and it will play role in a week and after one month treatment, most of the patient’s condition will get greatly improv...Read More