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FSGS and Creatinine 6.5, Is Dialysis Needed

For FSGS patients, creatinine 6.5 means the patients should do dialysis in the near further. Moreover, some patients have already be commended to do dialysis and kidney transplant. While, is dialysis needed in this time? To be honest, if th...Read More

What are Alternative Treatments to Dialysis in People with FSGS

As the FSGS patients realize the disadvantages of dialysis, more and more people are searching the alternative treatments. While, what are alternative treatment to dialysis in people with FSGS? FSGS ( Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis )...Read More

Creatinine 4.4 and FSGS, What Edema Feet Lead to Me

Up to know, some patients still do not clearly know what FSGS means? What creatinine level indicates? And what the symptoms of FSGS? So that, some patients will ask that what edema feet lead to me with creatinine 4.4 and FSGS. FSGS direct f...Read More

FSGS and Creatinine 4.1, What Should We Do to Dispel Blood in Urine

Blood in urine commonly comes out in the patients with FSGS. The blood in urine will lead to lots of disease, especially for FSGS patients. While, what should we do to dispel blood in urine? How to prevent blood in urine from reappearing? W...Read More

What are Herbal Medicines to FSGS

What are herbal medicines to FSGS? This is a wildly asked question by the FSGS patients owing to the shortcomings of the traditional treatments. First of all, we need to know what is FSGS so as to treat the FSGS fundamentally. Glomerulus is...Read More

Swelling and FSGS, How to Reduce High Creatinine Level Naturally

How to reduce high creatinine level naturally for the patients with FSGS and swelling ? These days, many FSGS patients have asked me this question owing to the disadvantages of the traditional treatments used to lower the high creatinine le...Read More

Chinese Medicine to FSGS with Poor Appetite

Chinese medicine is able to treat the patients from root with less side effects. But, is Chinese medicine effective to FSGS patients with poor appetite? How does Chinese medicine work to FSGS with poor appetite? Here the article will show y...Read More

Control Proteinuria for FSGS Patients With Chinese Medicine

Hello, doctor. My son was diagnosed with FSGS 5 years ago. He can not completely get rid of proteinuria. Can his proteinuria be controlled with Chinese medicine? Please do not worry. FSGS which is focal segmental glomerulus sclerosis means...Read More

Is There Any Possible for Me to Remit Proteinuria with FSGS

Good evening, sir. I have been diagnosed as FSGS. And I can not get rid of the proteinuria. Is there any possible for me to remit proteinuria with FSGS? In the situation of FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulus Sclerosis), some glomeruli of the...Read More

Can A FSGS Patients be Treated Naturally

Due to the damaged glomeruli of the kidney, the kidney can not adequately realize its function to eliminate the excess things, toxins and wastes products, and thus, many illness such as swelling, weakness, nausea, protein in urine and so on...Read More