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My Dad Got Creatinine 7.29 In FSGS Can He Refuse Dialysis

Can Creatinine 7.29 in FSGS avoid dialysis? Hi, doctor, my father is a FSGS patient, who refuses dialysis, so what can we do? Is it good for him to refuse dialysis? Following this article to get the answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR d...Read More

Can Leg Cramps In FSGS Be Cured With Chinese Herbal Medicines

“I have the kidney disease FSGS, I would like to know if is normal for someone with this disease to have leg cramps. Can it be treated with chinese herbal medicines”? One patient consulted our ONLINE DOCTOR in this afternoon. ...Read More

Protein Leakage in FSGS and Creatinine 3.5 What is the Best Medication

Once there are somethings wrong with our body, many patients want the medicines which is safest and takes fastest effects, so are the patients with FSGS and its symptoms. While, what is the best medication for protein leakage in Focal Segme...Read More

Creatinine 700 Can Be Lowered Without Doing Dialysis

In consideration of the shortcomings of dialysis, the most wildly used measure to prolong life for kidney disease patients, an adding amount of patients want to take alternative treatments to lower the creatinine level in safety. Here I wil...Read More

Are There Still Chances for FSGS Patients to Break Away From Dialysis

We all know that dialysis should be done several times a week and takes 3 - 4 hours at that time, during which process, it is common to feel many discomforts such as muscle cramp, weakness, pain and so on. What is worse, the patients need t...Read More

Chinese Herbal Medicine to Vomiting in FSGS with Creatinine 4.6

Vomiting comes out in FSGS with creatinine 4.6, leading to anemia, gastropathy or even life risk. So that, dialysis will be suggested if it can not be controlled with medicines in short time. What is more, due to its side effects, more and...Read More

Is Herbal Remedy Good For FSGS Patients with Creatinine 2.6

FSGS refers to a kidney condition in which some of the glomeruli can not filter the blood correctly due to the sclerosis. What is worse, FSGS develops fast into kidney failure and it is easy to come back after dialysis. Thereby, how to main...Read More

Is Steaming Therapy Helpful For Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis

Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis is usually called FSGS. It is a type of kidney problem in which some glomeruli will gradually lose its functions of filtering the blood correct owing to many factors. And then, the patients will be troub...Read More

How Can We Treat High Creatinine of 358 and Urea 25 in FSGS

Both creatinine 358 and urea 25 shows there are some problems in the kidneys. In the meanwhile, discomforts are unavoidable. While, how can we treat high creatinine of 358 and urea 25 in FSGS? FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis) sta...Read More

Creatinine 5.9 and Kidney Function 22% Can FSGS Be Restored

Both creatinine 5.9 and kidney function 22% shows the kidney failure stage in which some patients need to start dialysis to oppose the severe discomforts. While, can FSGS be restored in this case? Generally speaking, whether the patients wi...Read More