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What is the Prognosis of FSGS with High Creatinine Level

What is the prognosis of FSGS with high creatinine level ? In general, FSGS is hard to be cured but with timely treatment it can have a good prognosis...Read More

How Long can I Avoid Dialysis with a 7 Creatinine in FSGS

I am suffering from a 7 creatinine in FSGS and my doctor has suggested dialysis. How long can I avoid this therapy? Please help. ...Read More

15 Percent Kidney Function in FSGS Life Expectancy

Many patients have consulted us about life expectancy of patients with 15 percent kidney function in FSGS. In this article, let’s discuss this issue together. ...Read More

Only 20% Kidney Function with FSGS How Long can Patient Live

How long can patient live if he has only 20% kidney function with FSGS? We have got asked about this question. To help people who have similar doubt, we provide analysis as below....Read More

How Long will a Woman with FSGS and 15% Kidney Function Live

How long will a woman with FSGS and 15% kidney function live? Read on or chat with our online doctor for free advice. ...Read More

How to Prevent Kidney Failure for FSGS Patients

How to prevent kidney failure for FSGS patients? FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulous Sclerosis) is an abnormal kidney condition with the glomeruli are damaged. When the FSGS cant be treated effectively and promptly, patients will develop into...Read More

Can FSGS Disappear

Because of a reaction of immune system to some harmful things, FSGS occurs when small scarrings develop in a part of glomeruli. Once these glomeruli are damaged, can they still be repaired? Or, can FSGS disappear? Before reading this articl...Read More

How to Improve FSGS Prognosis

What is the prognosis of FSGS? And how to improve FSGS prognosis? Prognosis refers to the probable outcome of a disease. For FSGS patients, knowing the prognosis helps them to make a good preparation for their following life. And knowing ho...Read More

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