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What Diet Can FSGS Patients Have

2013-08-29 14:18

Having a proper diet is a very important step in fighting against FSGS( Focal Segmental Glomerulonephritis). Proper diet contributes to control the relative symptoms and delays the progression of FSGS. In that condition, what on earth can FSGS patients eat?

Here are some dietary tips for FSGS patients to eat.

1. Eat less salt

For FSGS patients, eating too much salt will worsen their swelling symptoms and also aggravate their high blood pressure. In this case, they should add less salt while whey they are cooking. Besides, when they eat out, they need to keep far away from high salted foods, such as pickles, bacon, processed foods and salted eggs.

2. Have a proper protein intake

Generally, in early stage (stage 1-3) of FSGS, patients can ingest 0.6-0.8grams of protein per pound of body weight a day. And for patients in stage 4 FSGS, they need to ingest 0.4 grams of protein per pound of body weight. In addition, patients without dialysis in stage 5 FSGS, 0.2 grams of protein intake per day is necessary and for dialysis patients, they usually need to ingest more protein than normal people. Besides, FSGS patients should absorb some high quality protein foods which can be found in lean meat, fish, egg white and milk.

3. Eat low phosphorus foods

Kidneys with FSGS are not able to remove phosphorus as normal. In this case, phosphorus level is easily high which is very likely to cause hyperparathyroidism, vitamin D metabolic disorder and bone disease and so on. Therefore, a low phosphorus diet is necessary for FSGS patients.

4. Control potassium intake

The unhealthy kidneys fail to remove excessive potassium out of your body, causing high potassium. Patients with high potassium are at a high risk of arrhythmia and heart failure. Thus, controlling potassium intake will decrease the risk of dying of heart failure.

The above are some general dietary tips for you and do not suit for specific individual. Therefore, if you want to know what diet suits you, you can describe your illness conditions to our online doctors, and they will make a dietary plan for you depending on your specific conditions.

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