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FSGS and Kidney Failure with 8.7 Creatinine Can I Get off Dialysis

2014-06-01 08:57

FSGS and Kidney Failure with 8.7 Creatinine Can I Get off DialysisSir, I am a patient of FSGS and Kidney Failure with 8.7 creatinine. Can I get off dialysis? Please suggest.” This is a query we got from one patient. If you have similar question, please read the following article or consult our online doctor for free advice.

How are you? According to your description, you are now suffering from FSGS and Kidney Failure with 8.7 creatinine. For you current case, you have great hope to get rid of dialysis. Please do not worry. Given below is our suggestions for your reference.

To achieve the purpose, the most essential point is to lower the high creatinine level fundamentally, prevent further loss of renal function, and repair the damaged kidneys. When kidneys can work better and better, you can reduce your frequency of dialysis and eventually get off the therapy.

You can consult your doctor for the most suitable choice of treatment option. For personalized advice, please Email us at kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. Our kidney doctor will reply you soon within 24 hours.

Currently, the most advanced therapy to help kidney disease patients get off dialysis is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a holistic approach which can not only relieve the symptoms but also treat the disease from the root cause. As a natural therapy, Chinese herb medicine is externally used with no adverse effect to human body. To learn more detailed introduction, please check Here.

In conclusion, your condition of FSGS and Kidney Failure with 8.7 creatinine can get off dialysis as long as you can take effective strategies in time. If you still have anything unclear or would like to know more information, please leave a message in the below. You will definitely get prompt reply soon!

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