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Frequently Asked Questions About Kidney Disease

Is Chinese Medicine Available for My Mother With CKD and Creatinine 3.4

Question: Hello, my mother has been diagnosed with CKD . The latest test result shows creatinine is 3.4 . Please tell me what should I do to help improve her kidney function. Is Chinese medicine really available? Doctor: We are glad to help...Read More

Where Can I Get Osmotherapy Treatment In India to Deal With Creatinine 9.22

Patient 01-03 18:10:36 I need Osmotherapy treatment in India! Where can I get it in India? kidney-expert 01-03 18:10:46 Do you know your creatinine level? I can give you some effective advice right now! Patient 01-03 18:11:15 Creatinine lev...Read More

Diet Plan for A Diabetic Patient Having Blood Pressure and 7.8 Creatinine

Patient 12-29 21:44:58 Sir, I want to know the diet plan for a diabetic patient having blood pressure and 7.8 creatinine level. kidney-expert 12-29 21:45:07 OK, according to your initial description, you kidney has been damaged so badly, an...Read More

What Should We Do If The Creatinine Has Already Been 750 with Hypertension

patient 11-16 15:06:00 I would like to ask you about what should we do if the creatinine has already been 750? No diabetes, but has hypertension for more than 10 years. kidney-expert 11-16 15:06:16 I see. Your creatinine level is very high....Read More

What Do You Think Do I Go To Have Dialysis Future Again with Creatinine 250

Visitor 12-25 21:26:44 Hello, I have a question about my kidneys. I had an overdose and had dialysis for a week or 2 every day. Creatinine was 500. After I went home legs were still swelling but then after few days swelling gone. Then after...Read More

Can You Help Me to Get Rid of Dialysis While I am Urine Well

Patient: I have been on dialysis for about one month, but I do not want to endure it any more. I am still urine well. Can you help me? Doctor: Hi. Yes, we can help. Please do not worry. ...Read More

What Are The Action Treatments for Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Visitor 12-04 07:40:03 Hi! What are the active treatments? Thank you! kidney-expert 12-04 07:40:13 It depends on illness condition. What is the current kidney function or creatinine level? Visitor 12-04 07:40:44 Stage 4 Kidney disease. kidn...Read More

How to Reduce Creatinine Level Around 2.8 for My Father

Visitor 12-03 20:08:46 Hi, my father creatinine level is around 2.8, how to reduce it? Is consuming millet in place of rice is better? Thanks. kidney-expert 12-03 20:09:01 The diet and treatment entirely depend on his illness conditions. Ge...Read More

Any Medicine I Can Take to Help Restore Function 18% in IgA Nephropathy

Visitor 12-02 14:02:48 My kidney function is about 18%. I have IgA Nephropathy, is there any medicine I can take to help restore some function? kidney-expert 12-02 14:03:17 Your kidney function is low. Kidney function 18% indicates you are...Read More

My Father Have A Suffering With High Creatinine 3.85, What to Do

Visitor 11-29 01:21:28 My father have a suffering with high creatinine 3.85. kidney-expert 11-29 01:21:44 It is above the normal range. Your father is in the stage 3 kidney disease. Please lower the creatinine level as soon as possible. kid...Read More

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