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What Is the Good Treatment Choice For the Patient With 7% Kidney Function

When a kidney patient has lost almost all kidney function that means he has developed into the renal failure , and his life expectancy will also shorten with the renal function decline. Generally when the 50% renal function is left the pati...Read More

What Are The New Options For End Stage Renal Disease Patients In China

What are the new options for End Stage Renal Disease patients in China? You may think about Dialysis or Kidney Transplantation. In fact, with the development of Medical Technology, both of them are no longer the only treatments for you. Now,...Read More

Alternative Treatments Help Dialysis With Creatinine 7.36 Reverse End Stage Renal Disease

Please suggest Alternative treatments help dialysis patients reverse End Stage Renal Disease. The Patient is a woman, 55 years old, creatinine 7.36. The Doctors insist on Dialysis. It is in the hospital during the last six days. She had thre...Read More

Purify Blood, Is There No Way To Treat ESRD For Avoiding Dialysis

In most western countries, dialysis and kidney transplant are the choice for ESRD patients, there is no other way to avoid dialysis. But, in China, chinese medicine is very popular in treating kidney failure, which has thousands years of his...Read More

Proteinuria 444 and Creatinine 1.5 How to Prevent Process Radically

My proteinuria is 444mg/24h. And now my creatinine is 1.5. My doctor said he had no way to help me dispel the proteinuria at present. He also said that I must go to dialysis in the future and that I could not avoid transplant in the end. How to preven...Read More

If There Still A Change To Recover From Stage 5 Kidney Problem

Hi! my brother in-law has stage 5 kidney problem. I want to know if there still a change to recover from that disease? And he is suffering from fatigue, protein in urine and back pain now. Beside, he is diabetic. If you are in similar circu...Read More

Is Chinese Medicine Still Available for End Stage Renal Disease Patients

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is the last stage of kidney disease in which condition many doctors will tell the patients that they have no choice but dialysis or transplantation. However, they wonder is Chinese medicine still available for...Read More

What Remedies Could Be Used For Stage Five Kidney Disease

Patient 11-23 04:33:15 What remedies could be used for stage five kidney disease? Kidney-expert 11-23 04:33:47 There are so much treatments to help the stage five kidney disease patients, including Dialysis, Steroids, Chinese Medicine, Kidn...Read More

Is There Any Hope Of Surviving Stage 5 Renal Failure for My Sister

Hi, I am concerned of my sisters condition right now. Because she was diagnosed to have stage 5 renal failure and started to undergo dialysis. But during the procedure, the patients blood pressure dropped to 80/40 followed by a seizure. So,...Read More

How Can I Get Osmotherapy In India to Treat Stage 5 Kidney Failure

How can I get Osmotherapy in India to treat stage 5 kidney failure? I am sorry to tell the patients it is only belong to China. Maybe you have closed the web before you see these words. But since you have seen the words, why not leave your...Read More