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Creatinine Level 8.9 but No Decrease after Dialysis What is the Reason

Creatinine level high up to 8.9 and no decrease after dialysis what is the reason ? In clinic, dialysis is one of the common ways to reduce the high creatinine level, so most of the people thought that the creatinine level will goes down aft...Read More

Can Dialysis Help Kidney Failure Patient Get Out of This Disease

Can dialysis help kidney failure patient get out of this disease ? In fact, most of the kidney disease patient will have this question before they start dialysis. They want to get something from dialysis but also afraid to take it, of course...Read More

Can Dialysis Help Kidney Failure Patient Live Longer

It is known that dialysis is the most common ways to help kidney failure patient live longer but can dialysis help the patient live longer ?...Read More

What are the Complications of Dialysis

What are the complications of dialysis ? As we all know, dialysis also known as artificial kidney. It refers to a method that wastes in blood are removed through semipermeability membrane...Read More

What will Happen if Dialysis Patient not Take Their Routine Dialysis

What will happen if dialysis patient not take their routine dialysis ? Actually, if patient not take dialysis according to the doctor’s construction or not to do it, they will be in big trouble....Read More

When should Kidney Fialure Patient to Take Dialysis and How to Avoid It

When should kidney failure patient to take dialysis and how to avoid it ? Generally, dialysis is referred to the treatment of End Stage Renal Disease, which is known as Uremia...Read More

Dialysis Patient Gets Sever Headaches is there Any Thing He Can Do to Prevent It

My husband gets sever headaches during dialysis and then vomits is there any thing he can do to help prevent this ? If you want to know the ways to solve it, you should to know the reasons first...Read More

Why Kidney Failure Patient Feel Weak after Dialysis

Why kidney failure patient feel weak after dialysis ? The main reasons of it are loss of kidney functions and malnutrition due to loss of appetite and dietary restrictions...Read More

Can Constipation Cause Germ to Move into Peritoneal Cavity

Can constipation cause germ to move into peritoneal cavity ? The answer is yes, the germs can work their way from the bowels into the peritoneum, thus induce infection or Peritonitis....Read More

Why Dialysis Patients Have Bad Appetite and Shortness in Breath and How to Treat Them

Some people on dialysis may have bad appetite and shortness in breath and some other symptoms, which really annoyed them, then why dialysis patients will have bad appetire and shortness in breath and how should we to treat them ?...Read More