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Is It Possible to Reduce Dialysis Times

Is it possible to reduce the times of dialysis? In general, the doctor will arrange different dialysis times for kidney failure patient accordingly...Read More

How to Treat High Uric Acid in Dialysis

In general, dialysis can help patient to reduce the high uric acid level, but due to many reasons, the uric acid level may stays in high level, so the patients are very concerned with this problem. Then, how to treat high uric acid in dialys...Read More

Is there Any Alternative to Dialysis

As a diabetic nephropathy patient i am searching for some alternative to dialysis, because my doctor told me that it is the time for me to take dialysis but i don’t want. So, doctor can you help me? ...Read More

How Many Times of Dialysis Should Kidney Failure Patient Take

It is known that dialysis is helpful for relieving those symptoms of caused by kidney failure, but for different patient the doctor may recommend different times of dialysis for them. Then how many times should patient take?...Read More

The Creatinine Level Stays at 8.5 After Dialysis How to Reduce It

The creatinine level stays at 8.5 after dialysis how to reduce it? Dialysis as one of the common treatment of kidney failure it aims to relieve those symptoms such as high creatinine level, so if your creatinine level stays high after taking...Read More

Is there Any Alternative Treatment of Dialysis

As we all know, dialysis is one of the most common treatment for kidney failure, but it will bring some side effects,so people are seeking some other alternative treatments to treat kidney failure...Read More

If There Have Any Natural Medicine for Patients after Dialysis

Dialysis is a common method for people to treat kidney disease. The number of patients who received Dialysis is huge. Once there seems to be some problems of kidney most patients will going to take Dialysis to solve the problem....Read More

Can Dialysis Lower the Creatinine Level Thoroughly

As we all know dialysis is one of the most common methods to reduce high creatinine level, as for how much creatinine level it can remove, different people have different answer...Read More

Can Dialysis Revive the Damaged Kidney in Kidney Failure

I am a kidney failure patient and have been take dialysis for several months. I want to know can dialysis revive my damaged kidney?...Read More

How Much Creatinine Does Dialysis Can Remove

How much creatinine can dialysis remove? As we all know dialysis is one of the most common methods to lower high creatinine level...Read More