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When Should Kidney Disease Patient Take Dialysis

In general, dialysis will be recommended when the creatinine level has increased to about 707umol/L,However, if kidney disease patients have severe complications,then dialysis should be started earlier....Read More

Why Dialysis Will Cause Headache

Dialysis will help patients to increase the life expectancy by removing the wastes and toxins out of the blood. However, dialysis may cause some complications, and headache is a one of them...Read More

How to Manage Severe Stomach Cramps in Dialysis

Muscle cramps is a common complication of dialysis, many dialysis patient will experience cramps in stomach....Read More

Can Dialysis Lower the Creatinine Level Permanently

From the above we know that dialysis can lower the high creatinine level in a while but it can not lower the creatinine level permanently...Read More

How to Treat Constipation in Dialysis

Constipation is a common problem among dialysis patients. We have to say that constipation brings lots of troubles to the patients’ life...Read More

Why Dialysis will Worsen Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem among kidney failure patients and some of them find this problem becomes more seriously after they start dialysis...Read More

Causes and Treatment of Cramps after Dialysis

Some dialysis patients complain that they are suffering from cramps after dialysis, and it can more or less influence the quality of their life...Read More

Black and Blue Bruise in Arm after Hemodialysis: How to Deal with It

Black and blue bruises in arm after dialysis often occurs among the people who just start it. They are always confused and want to know the reasons. Then what are the causes of black and blue bruises in arm after Hemodialysis and how to deal...Read More

Will Dialysis Cause Short-term Memory Loss

Dialysis is a common way for treating kidney failure, it do can prolong the patient’s life span and improve their life quality in some degrees, but it also will induce some side effect, and short-term memory loss is one of them...Read More

The Causes and Treatment of Abdominal Pain Caused by Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis can be used to remove the wastes, toxins and extra water depositing in the blood. However, when it works as an artificial kidney, it may cause some complications, and abdominal pain is one of them...Read More