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How to Avoid Dialysis with Creatinine 4.3

Hi, doctor. My mom checked out that creatinine level is 4.3. And she is suffering from diabetes as well as hypertension. We are worried to let her undergo dialysis. Please help. The patients with creatinine 4.3 have chances to return to the...Read More

Can Patients with Creatinine 4.19 Avoid Dialysis

Creatinine 4.19 means more than 70% of the kidney is not working well as it should do. That is to say, there are lots of the toxins retained in the body. Therefore, dialysis is needed to help the patients filter the blood. But, it is not th...Read More

How to Alleviate Muscle Cramp for Dialysis Patients

Dialysis is commonly used to help the patients clean up the toxins by a treatment machine, though it can lead to itching skin, muscle cramp, less renal function and other complication. And then, h ow to alleviate muscle cramp for dialysis p...Read More

How to Alleviate Itching Skin for Dialysis Patients

Itching skin is a skin disorder, with which the patients will have lots of discomforts in daily life. While, how to alleviate itching skin for dialysis patients? Dialysis is a technology to filter the blood by a medical machine for kidney d...Read More

Creatinine 6.7 and Edema, Can I Avoid Dialysis

Hello, doctor. I am a kidney disease patient. And I am suffering from serious edema so that I can not walk any longer. My creatinine level is 6.7. The doctor suggested me doing dialysis. But, I am afraid of dialysis. Can I avoid dialysis? I...Read More

Is There Any Chance for Two Years Dialysis Patients Refuse Dialysis

The patients who are undergoing the dialysis are struggling in lots of sufferings caused by the damaged kidney and dialysis. As a matter of fact, the patients have to take dialysis which is a technology to filter the blood by a treatment ma...Read More

How Long Can I Live If I Refuse Dialysis

Due to the suffering caused by dialysis, many patients wonder how long they can live if they refuse dialysis. As a matter of fact, there are many factors influencing the time that you live. You can contact the Online Doctor or add whatsapp...Read More

Can I Get Rid of Dialysis with Stage 5 Kidney Failure

Generally speaking, the patients who have stage 5 kidney failrue will have to many discomforts, even have the risk of life as the kidney is unalbe to remove the excess and harmful substances from body any more. Therefore, the doctor will ma...Read More

Is It A Must for the Patient with Creatinine 6.5 to Go For Dialysis

Good morning sir. My father age nearly 59 years old. Yesterday, due to weakness, we consulted physician doctor. They told that his creatinine leave is 6.5 and suggested doing dialysis. My father is looking normal, only weakness. Is it a mus...Read More

Is It Possible for A Dialysis Patient to Recover Renal Function

Nowadays, more and more dialysis patients want to stop dialysis. But, only if the kidney can not work, the patients have to be on dialysis cyclically to alleviate symptoms and prolong their life. What is more, dialysis can lead to itching s...Read More