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Creatinine 4.4 and Vomiting, Should I take Dialysis Instantly

Patients:Good morning, doctor. I have vomiting for a week. My doctor has given me some medicines and told me that if I can not quit the vomiting in a month, I must do dialysis. My creatinine level is 4.4 and I can not bear the vomiting any...Read More

Is Dialysis the Only Option for Kidney Failure with Creatinine 9.5

When the creatinine level reached up to 9.5, dialysis will be suggested for the purpose of prolonging life in most countries. However, if the kidney failure patients are not suffering from perilous symptoms or complications, the time when t...Read More

What are Substitution Treatment to Dialysis in Kidney Function 6%

As more and more patients realize the disadvantages of dialysis, substitution treatment to dialysis is needed. Then, what are substitution treatment to dialysis in kidney function 6%? Do you clearly know that what kidney function 5% means?...Read More

Kidney Function at Twenty Percent, Will He Have to Receive Dialysis

Will he have to receive dialysis once the kidney function at twenty percent? As more and more people asked the similar questions, I write this article to give some relative information. For more news in details, please contact the Online Do...Read More

GFR 9% and Weakness, Is Dialysis Needed

GFR, Glomerulus Filtration Rate, shows there are only 9% of the kidney working well . If the patients also have weakness , is dialysis needed in this case? As a matter of fact, whether the patients need dialysis depends of the GFR, symptoms...Read More

How Can A Kidney Dialysis Patient Cast Off Foamy Urine

Foamy urine is a most common symptom of kidney disease. When the patients have foamy urine during the period of doing dialysis, what should we do? And how can a kidney dialysis patient cast off foamy urine? For dialysis patients, if foamy u...Read More

How Much Water Should A Dialysis Patient Intake

Dialysis is a method of egesting various toxins and wastes out of body replacing renal function. Since dialysis can help the patients carry out the redundant water, would dialysis patients take water at their willing? And how much water sho...Read More

How to Deal With Muscle Cramp for Kidney Failure Patients with Dialysis

Muscle cramp is a side effect of dialysis. And the patients with muscle cramp will have many sufferings. While, how to deal with muscle cramp for kidney failure patients? Why kidney failure patients need to take dialysis? When the kidney is...Read More

Is It Necessary for Dialysis Patients to Take Renal Diet

Dialysis is widely used to help the serious kidney disease patients eliminate the unwanted things in the blood. In this case, is it necessary for dialysis patients to take renal diet? Some kidney disease patients consider that they eat the...Read More

Can Creatinine 854 and Urea 103 Refuse Dialysis

With the development of society, progress of medicine and prolongation of life, an increasing number of kidney disease patients are eager for living away for dialysis. While, can creatinine 843 and urea 103 refuse dialysis? The reason why t...Read More