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Can Dialysis Normal the Patients with Creatinine 6

Nowadays, more and more persons found out there are somethings wrong with their kidneys and thus creatinine level which is a evaluation criterion of how well kidneys are working will go up to higher and higher without effective managements....Read More

Creatinine 5.3 and Started Dialysis Ten Days Ago Is There Any Alternate

Hello. I have started dialysis ten days ago . Now my creatinine is 5.3 . Is there any alternate with would help me? If you want to gain a personal treatment plan, please contact Online Doctor. Creatinine 5.3 and dialysis. Once the dialysis...Read More

What if The S.Creatinine Level is 9.5 mg/dl Am I Required Dialysis

What if the s.creatinine level is 9.5 mg/dl? Is it serious? Am I required Dialysis? Here the article is objective to offer some related information. If you want to gain more information in details, please contact Online Doctor. Serum creati...Read More

Creatinine 6.63 and Hematuria, Is It Serious Enough for Dialysis

Creatinine 6.63 and hematuria, is it serious enough for dialysis? If you also want to know more information about kidney disease and dialysis, please contact Online Doctor . What is the stage of kidney disease when creatinine is 6.63? Gener...Read More

What To Do For My Mother Undergoing Dialysis to Be Cured

I am from Philippines and I need your help. My mother undergoes dialysis and her case is chronic disease, stage five. Please tell us on what to do for her to be cured. I mean I want her body to be back to normal and healthy like before. Her...Read More

Creatinine 8.8 and Urea 140, Is There Any Alternative to Dialysis

Is there any alternative to dialysis in condition of creatinine 8.8 and urea 140? If you have the similar query, please contact Online Doctor. What do creatinine 8.8 and urea 140 mean? Both creatinine 8.8 and urea 140 show the kidney has be...Read More

Blood urea 122 and Creatinine 6.6, How to Break Away From Dialysis

Dialysis is required in even of kidney failure in most countries. However, as dialysis replaces diseased kidneys to filter some water and wastes in the blood, the kidney function will be dispelled gradually and the kidney will be small. Bes...Read More

Would Dialysis Be The Correct Option For Me with FSGS to Consider

I have had FSGS for 30 years. But, now my kidney function is becoming more impaired. Each 3 monthly visit to specialist. He tells me that I need to consider my options. I understand that there is a high risk of a transplanted kidney being a...Read More

How Can I Control My Blood Pressure Well in Hemodialysis

Good morning, sir. I have been on dialysis for about 6 months. And my blood pressure is 90/160, which was 75/130 before hemodialysis. The medicine does not take any effects on lowering it. How can I control my blood pressure well in dialysi...Read More

FSGS Renal Function 16% Low Hemoglobin Is Dialysis Needed

Dialysis, an artificial replacement of the lost renal function, is a traditional and wildly used way to help the kidney failure patients, though it is not a good option to the patients. While, is dialysis needed for the FSGS patients with r...Read More