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How does Headache and Creatinine 5 Develop During Dialysis

Dialysis is practiced when kidney fails to work completely.Some dialysis patients suffer from Headache and Creatinine 5.How does headache and creatinine 5 develop during dialysis?Can they avoid dialysis?Follow our descriptions and find the a...Read More

What is the Normal Creatinine Level on Dialysis

Dialysis is a replacement treatment when kidney fails to work completely.Creatinine is an important index to reflect the remaining renal functions.What is the normal creatinine level on dialysis?Follow our descriptions and find the answers....Read More

Treatment for Heart Problems in Dialysis

Heart Problems is a serious complications of kidney disease patients during Dialysis.In the first place,let’s figure out the reasons for heart problems in Dialysis.And then choose some treatment to replace dialysis.Follow our descriptions ...Read More

Treatment for High Blood Pressure and Itchy Problems in Dialysis

During the period of accepting Dialysis,many dialysis patients experience different problems like high blood pressure and itchy problems.How does high blood pressure and itchy problems occur?and what should we do for patients with dialysis?F...Read More

Dialysis:Natural Therapy for Weight Loss

When kidney functions become absolutely loss,dialysis is a replacement therapy.Many patients are forced to accept dialysis thus leading to Weight loss.How does it happen in Dialysis?and what should we do for weight loss in Dialysis?Follow ou...Read More

Home Remedies for Curing A Fever Caused by Dialysis

Dialysis is a very important and effective means of treating severe kidney damage. However, there are many side effects or complications of dialysis, for example, fever is a most common complication of dialysis. When patients with dialysis...Read More

Can I Go Dialysis with Creatinine 6

As kidney function decreases, creatinine level will increase. In clinic, creatinine level is an important indicator of conditions of kidney function. Besides, it is one of the most important factors that can decide if dialysis is necessary...Read More

Is It Possible to Avoid Dialysis with 20% Kidney Function

When kidney function decreases very severely, patients may need to do dialysis, which depends on the specific condition of kidneys. However, dialysis has many bad effects such as skin itching and low in blood pressure. Patients are reluctan...Read More

Why Hemodialysis Patients Need to Limit Their Potassium and Phosphorus Intake

Why hemodialysis patients need to limit their potassium and phosphorus intake? This is a common question for people with hemodialysis who need to limit their potassium and phosphorus intake. Potassium and phosphorus are two important minera...Read More

How to Increase Hemoglobin for Dialysis Patients

Hemoglobin is a kind of protein which is in the red blood cells, and the main work of hemoglobin is to transplant oxygens to all the parts of the body. Low hemoglobin is a common symptom for people with kidney disease and dialysis, and low...Read More