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Is It Possible to Avoid Dialysis with 20% Kidney Function

When kidney function decreases very severely, patients may need to do dialysis, which depends on the specific condition of kidneys. However, dialysis has many bad effects such as skin itching and low in blood pressure. Patients are reluctan...Read More

Why Hemodialysis Patients Need to Limit Their Potassium and Phosphorus Intake

Why hemodialysis patients need to limit their potassium and phosphorus intake? This is a common question for people with hemodialysis who need to limit their potassium and phosphorus intake. Potassium and phosphorus are two important minera...Read More

How to Increase Hemoglobin for Dialysis Patients

Hemoglobin is a kind of protein which is in the red blood cells, and the main work of hemoglobin is to transplant oxygens to all the parts of the body. Low hemoglobin is a common symptom for people with kidney disease and dialysis, and low...Read More

How Long Can We Wait to Start Dialysis after Completely Kidney Failure

How long can we wait to start dialysis after completely kidney failure? As dialysis is a common treatment for kidney failure patients, many patients may be afraid of starting dialysis. Because dialysis may cause some serious symptoms and co...Read More

What Diet Can Help Delay Dialysis for Kidney Disease Patients

What diet can help delay dialysis for kidney disease patients? as we know, dialysis is a common treatment for kidney disease patients when they are in advanced kidney disease. However, dialysis cant prevent the completely failed kidneys and...Read More

Why Do People with Diabetes Have Loose Motions after Dialysis

Why do people with diabetes have loose motions after dialysis? Loose motions, which is also called diarrhea, is a common symptom for diabetes patients after dialysis. Loose motions can make people feel discomfortable, and in some serious ca...Read More

What can Cause Muscle Weakness in Dialysis Patients

What can cause muscle weakness in dialysis patients? Muscle weakness is a common complication for dialysis patients, which can make them sick and easily get tired, and even make them have difficulty in walking. Here are some common factors...Read More

What are the common side effects of dialysis for kidney failure patients

For end stage kidney failure patients, dialysis is a common treatment for them. However, dialysis can help patients to prolong their life expectancy, but, there are still some side effects of dialysis for kidney failure patients, which may...Read More

Can Kidney Disease Patients on Dialysis Use Lipozene

Can kidney disease patients on dialysis use Lipozene? This is a question we received from a kidney disease patient on dialysis who want to use Lipozene to lose weight. Lipozene is a weight loss supplement which can help lose weight and pure...Read More

How Much Fluid Intake is OK for Dialysis Patients

Dialysis is a common treatment for end stage kidney failure patients when their kidneys fail to work well. For them, they should have some details to notice, such as limit the fluid intake. In this article, we will discuss the fluid intake...Read More