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Cause and Treatment of Skin Itching for Kidney Patients Under Dialysis

Skin itching is a common symptom for kidney disease patients who are under dialysis, then what can cause skin itching and how to treat the skin itching for dialysis patients? In this passage, we will reduce the common cause and treatment of...Read More

How To Delay Kidney Dialysis

In nowadays many people are bothered by kidney disease and they are worried too much about their illness condition, because they are afraid of doing dialysis which is a very miserable treatment. The dialysis may make people vomiting, nausea...Read More

Why do Patients Have Headache After Dialysis

Why do patients have headache after dialysis? Dialysis is a most commonly used medical treatment for end stage kidney failure patients, which will help patients to increase the life expectancy by removing the wastes and toxins out of the bl...Read More

Treatment for Electrolyte Imbalance in Dialysis Patients

Electrolyte imbalance is one of the major causes for dialysis patients to make diet changes, so a timely and effective treatment is very important. For kidney failure patients who are on dialysis, the most common electrolyte imbalance refer...Read More

Pros and Cons of Kidney Dialysis

What are the pros and cons of dialysis for kidney failure? When it comes to kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplant are the two topics that we have to mention. Kidney transplant is a medical procedure which can help to kidney problem...Read More

Alternative Treatment That Can Help Reduce Dialysis

Is there any alternative or anything that can reduce dialysis? Although dialysis is the most direct way for kidney failure patients to sustain their life, too frequent usage of this method will bring lots of side effects or complications. T...Read More

How Soon Does Toxin Build Up Once Dialysis Is Stopped

How soon does toxin build up once dialysis is stopped? It is one big concern for nearly all dialysis patients. Since the main function of kidneys is to cleanse blood, the deposits of toxins are the largest threat to dialysis patients life....Read More

Herbal Medications for Dialysis Patients with Stage 4 Kidney Failure

With Stage 4 Kidney Failure, patients still have 15%-29% of kidney function, so most often, dialysis is still not recommended. Only in some cases, patients need to begin dialysis. Since their kidney function is more than 15%, some herbal me...Read More

What Are the Alternatives to Dialysis

What are the alternatives to dialysis? Dialysis is life-sustaining and as of now it is the most commonly used medical methods for ESRD patients; but in reality, many ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) patients are reluctant to start dialysis at...Read More

Why Do Peritoneal Dialysis Patients Suffer from Itching

Why do peritoneal dialysis patients suffer from itching? Skin itching is a very bothersome symptom. It makes us unable in concentrating on what we are doing. Also, we may have to stay awake all the night as we have to scratch ourselves freq...Read More