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How to Lower the High Creatinine Level after Dialysis

How to lower the high creatinine level after dialysis ? Dialysis is called artificial kidney, because it can replace damaged kidney to remove wastes, excess water and toxins from the body...Read More

Why Dialysis Patient Suffer from So Many Symptoms

I want to know why she still suffers so many symptoms with the regular dialysis ? ...Read More

Why Kidney Failure Patient Feel Headache after Dialysis

Why kidney failure patient feel headache after dialysis ? In fact, dialysis as one of the most common treatment of kidney failure, it can help patient live better by doing parts of kidneys’ work...Read More

Will Kidney Failure Patient Get Blood Clot during Dialysis

Will kidney failure patient get blood clot during dialysis ? According to the research a sudden drop in blood pressure during dialysis will causes an increased risk of blood clotting at the point of vascular access...Read More

How to Treat Foot Cramps Occurred after Dialysis

How to treat Foot cramps occurred after dialysis ? It is known that dialysis can relieve the symptoms of kidney failure but it also will bring some complications at the same time...Read More

Can Dialysis Cause Numbness in Feet

Can dialysis cause numbness in the feet? Dialysis is usually for serious kidney damage patients especially for Stage 4 CKD and Stage 5 CKD, however, it also will induce some side-effects...Read More

Foot Cramps after Dialysis How to Treat It

Foot cramps after dialysis how to treat it ? It is known that dialysis can relieve the symptoms of kidney failure but it also will bring some complications at the same time, and food cramp is one of them...Read More

Why Dialysis Patient Sweating All Night and How to Avid It

Why dialysis patient sweating all night and how to avoid it ? Dialysis as one of the most common ways for treating kidney failure, it also will bring some side effects while relieving the symptoms...Read More

How does Dialysis Affect Cirrhosis

When patients enter into stage 5 Chronic kidney disease(CKD), dialysis is the replacement therapy for kidney. However, there are some cirrhosis patients, who need to accept dialysis...Read More

Is Swelling in Legs A Side Effect Of Dialysis

If your kidneys do not function normally due to severe kidney disease your doctor may recommend dialysis. Dialysis can alleviate some kidney symptoms but also brings some side effects...Read More