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What is the Normal Life Expectancy Once Dialysis is Stopped

By helping kidneys to discharge the wastes and toxins, Dialysis can help people to live longer and better. While if a person who are undergoing it choose to stop it suddenly that may threaten their life....Read More

Do People on Dialysis Have Problems with Their Legs

Dialysis is one of the most common cure methods of Kidney Failure, it can help to relieve the symptoms of the disease, meanwhile, it also will bring some side-effects. Leg problem is one of them, but it not always happened....Read More

Infections at the Exit Site During Dialysis the Reasons and Management

The mainly ways to prevent infection is to teach the medical workers and patients to mast correct skills of desinfection and keeping skin clean....Read More

How Much Fluid Should I Drink When in a Dialysis

How much fluid can patient intake for every day should according to the conditions of the patient. Usually, the intake volume should equal to the output volume, in order to sustain the balance. ...Read More

How Much Creatinine Level does Dialysis Can Help to Remove

Experts pointed out, dialysis can help to lower creatinine level but can not lower the creatinine level permanently....Read More

Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Help to Ease Complications of Dialysis

After patient undergo dialysis, it is hard to get rid of it. But Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help to ease the complications of dialysis....Read More

Can Dialysis in Kidney Failure Make Me Fatigued

dialysis is the most common cure method of Kidney Failure, it surely can help to ease the symptoms of this disease, at the same time, it also bring some side effects and fatigue is one of them....Read More

Causes and Treatment of Muscle Cramping in Kidney Failure due to dialysis

If Ultrafiltration too much and too fast, the waste in the body such as creatinine and urea nitrogen will be discharged in a short time, the body can not suit to the changes and induce muscle cramping....Read More

If Creatinine is 8.2 without Dialysis How Bad is It

If a patient’s creatinine is 8.2, he or she has developed into end-stage renal disease (ESRD) with loss of most kidney function.if patient does not want to take dialysis, how bad is the result? ...Read More

Healing Kidneys While on Dialysis with FSGS and GFR 12

I have been diagnosed of FSGS and GFR 12 undergoing dialysis for almost 3 months. Is there a possibility I can be healed or restored my kidneys to function again?...Read More