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What Amount of Urine Output is Good When on Dialysis

What amount of urine output is good when on dialysis ? As we all know one of the function of kidney is to produce urine and discharge it out of the body. So once the kidney damaged the output will be increased. Then what amount of urine outp...Read More

I am a Dialysis Patient for the Last 6 Years is there Any Way can Help Me Stop It

I am a dialysis patient for the last 6 years, is there anyway that can help me to stop it ? In fact, most of the kidney failure patient will experience dialysis, which is the most common ways to prolong people’s life span and improve the l...Read More

Why People Throw Up or Unresponsive after Dialysis

In fact, dialysis as one of the common cure for kidney failure will bring some side-effects during the treatment, throw up and unresponsive are two of them. Then why people throw up or unresponsive after dialysis ?...Read More

What is the Treatment for Insomnia in Dialysis Patients

What is the treatment for Insomnia in dialysis patients ? Insomnia is one of the common complications of dialysis, it may related to the itching skin or other reasons, so for the treatment we should know clear the underlying causes, then mak...Read More

GFR 13.5 without Other Symptoms Should I Take Dialysis

My father has a GFR of 13.5, but has no other symptoms. He has good energy, blood pressure, blood sugar, creatinine of 3.8. Is it still a must that he be on dialysis ?...Read More

What is Adequate Dialysis for People with ESRD

Most of people know that adequate dialysis is important for them to live longer but few of them know what is it, then what is adequate dialysis for people with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) ?...Read More

What are Adequate dialysis in Kidney Failure

For people who are undergoing dialysis or are ready to take it, the doctors always enhance the importance of adequate dialysis. Then what are adequate dialysis ? How can we know whether they are taking adequate dialysis or not....Read More

Peritoneal Dialysis Can Replace the Kidney Function in Some Degree

Peritoneal Dialysis can help to prolong patient’s life span by replace the kidneys to excrete the extra fluids and toxins in the blood. Then can it replace the kidney function completely?...Read More

What are the Pros and Cons on the Home Dialysis

What are the pros and cons on the Home Dialysis ? The home dialysis referred is called "Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis" (CAPD), it can allow patient to do it at home, but it is easy to get infection without good take care....Read More

How Much Creatinine can Dialysis Remove

Dialysis as the most common ways to lower high creatinine level is used widely around the world, but few people knows how much creatinine it can remove, that is because the volume of creatinine is not unstable....Read More