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GFR 14 Must I Take Dialysis To Prolong Life Expectancy

More and more patients are suggested dialysis to prolong life expectancy, is it the only we? Does GFR 14 need dialysis? Following this article to get answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free. ...Read More

How to Increase Hemoglobin Naturally in Dialysis Patients

Many dialysis patients suffer from anemia (performing as low hemoglobin level in blood). While, what are the causes of this process? How to increase hemoglobin naturally in dialysis patients? For more information, welcome to consult Online...Read More

How Many Times Of Dialysis Are My Father Needed

Visitor: My father is put on dialysis because of fluid overload. How many times can he stop it? Doctor: Generally speaking, once dialysis is started, it can not be stopped until the renal function is improved. But if his kidneys are not dam...Read More

Do I Need Dialysis or I Can Wait for Another Two Years

My Hemoglobin is 14.3 . Sugar fasting is 110. Creatinine is 4.8. Recently I got AV Fistula done. Before doing creatinine was 3.5 to 3.8. But after one month it is 4.6 to 4.8. Do I need dialysis or I can wait for another two years...Read More

Kidneys are Working at 12% Rate Is There Still Chance to Refuse Dialysis

Kidneys are working at 12% rate , resulting in metabolic disorder, protein in urine, blood in urine, swelling and other problems, or even life-threatening symptoms. For this case, many doctor will suggest dialysis, a painful and effective p...Read More

Do You Think My Dad Will Have To Go For Dialysis With S.creatinine 4.31

My dad S.creatinine level is 4.31 . Now suddenly BP has increased a lot at 180-90. Although he is on proper medication and BP has now reduced to 150. His protein in urea is also very high. My concern is his kidney disease. Do you think he w...Read More

Whether The Patients Should Start Dialysis When Creatinine is 4.92

Creatinine 4.92mg/dl stands for stage 3 - 4 kidney disease which can be caused by so many conditions like high blood pressure, immune disorder, high blood sugar and others risk factors. In this case, whether the patients should start dialys...Read More

Any Treatment for My Father in Stage 4 CKD to Avoid Dialysis

Patient: My father is in stage 4 CKD. kidney-expert: Stage 4 CKD is also called kidney failure in which state lots of toxins and wastes have been accumulated in his body. What is more, he will have some discomforts in this case. Do you know...Read More

Dialysis and TCM Which One Is Better in Hypertensive Nephropathy

With the development of illness, dialysis will be suggested. Moreover, patients also hear that TCM can be a good way to help them. In this situation, which one is better in hypertensive nephropathy...Read More

Is There Any Other Way Out to Avoid Dialysis For My Dad

Patient: Hi, my dad is age 74 with creatinine approx 7 and haemoglobin 5, with normal diabetes. Doctors are insisting on dialysis only. Is there any other way out to avoid dialysis? Doctor: Nowadays, dialysis is not the only option to the k...Read More