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How to Control Urea and Creatinine Serum in Diabetic Nephropathy

As the creatinine level goes up to higher and higher, the diabetic nephropathy will experience a great deal of diseases, and also, the urea and other indexes will reach to high. Thereby, how to control urea and creatinine serum in diabetic...Read More

Diabetic Kidney Disease and High Creatinine Level, Should I Do Dialysis

As dialysis is the common means to help the kidney failure patients prolong life with so much side effects which will bother the patients daily life a lot, the patients wonder should I do dialysis with diabetic kidney disease and high creat...Read More

Creatinine 5.4 and Diabetic Nephropathy, Is It Possible to Avoid Dialysis

In many countries, the diabetic nephropathy patients with creatinine 5.4 have been on dialysis because of the serious complications. After realizing the side effects of dialysis, more and more diabetic nephropathy patients want to know that...Read More

I Want Solution Without Dialysis to Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Good evening, doctor. I have diabetes as well as kidney disease . Now, I am suffering from serious edema. I want solution without dialysis . Diabetes means the patients have a high blood glucose in the body, which will injure the blood vess...Read More

Creatinine 3.5 and Blood Urine, How to Treat Diabetic Nephropathy

Creatinine 3.5 refers to a medical condition in which the kidney is damaged badly but still has chances to reverse the illness. If the patients still have blood urine, how to treat diabetic nephropathy? Diabetic nephropathy is a kidney dise...Read More

What is Proper Treatment to Stage 3 Diabetic Nephropathy

As diabetes will lead to so many problems like kidney damage, foot damage, eyes damage, skin damage, nerves damage and other serious complication, the diabetic nephropathy patients will begin to dialysis than other kidney disease patients....Read More

Diabetes and Creatinine 4.8, Can I Recover Renal Function

As a rule, when a diabetic patient have a serum creatinine level at 4.8, their kidneys are damaged gravely. And then, they may need to do dialysis for the sake of excluding the deposited excess water and toxins. In this case, the patients w...Read More

Kidney Disease and Diabetes, How to Lower High Creatinine Level

If the diabetes patients can not control the blood sugar well as they should do, they will have a series complication of diabetes, kidney disease. When the kidney have been lost its ability to remove various toxins and wastes from body comp...Read More

Can Diabetic Kidney Disease with Edema be Treated apart from Dialysis

What diabetic kidney disease means? Why edema appears over and over again? Can diabetic kidney disease with edema be treated apart from dialysis? You can seek out the answer in the article. Diabetic kidney disease is a sort of chronic kidne...Read More

Can Itching Skin be Eased for Kidney Disease Patients with Diabetes

Skin covering all the body is a way to eliminate the unwanted things as sweating. When the kidney is damaged by the long-standing high blood sugar, some toxins and waste products which should be removed from body by the kidney will be gathe...Read More