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Suggestion about natural treatment of refractory proteinuria from Diabetic

Commonly to the diabetic patients they always have proteinuria and it is hard to eliminate the protein in urine. Why dose this situation occur? The main reason is caused by the poor kidney function, more sugar deposit in blood will affect t...Read More

How To Lower Creatinine Level For the Diabetic Patient

The creatinine is the metabolic product of muscle in the physiological movement, that is a kind of waste of human body and commonly is discharged out of body by kidney. But if your kidney has something wrong and can not work normally, that...Read More

Eliminate The Swelling For Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Swelling is the main symptom to all diatetic nephropathy patients,but it is very hard to cure.The western medicine can only relieve it for a short time,only depending on the natural treatment with herbal medicine can treat it from root....Read More

How To Deal With the Swelling to Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Only western medicine can relieve the swelling of diabetic nephropathy patients,but can not cure it from root,then depending on the reasonable diet plan and Natural treatment help patients repair the damaged renal cells and improve the renal...Read More

Diabetic Nephropathy Can Urine Output Be Improved In Dialysis Stage

The most basic function of our kidneys is to produce urine, so that toxins can be removed naturally together with the excretion of urine. However, it is a big problem to help diabetic nephropathy in dialysis stage increase urine output. Fort...Read More

Will Creatinine 3.9 In Diabetic Nephropathy Develop Into Fibrosis Stage

Diabetic nephropathy is one of the complications of diabetes, if it is accompanied with kidney damage, and there are no right treatments to control the illness conditions that it will develop into renal fibrosis, which is also called End Sta...Read More

Dialysis Patients Have Urine Output 150 ml And Creatinine 12 In Diabetic Nephropathy

“Hello sir, I am Kidney Failure patient with Diabetes, hypothyroidism. I am using insulin too, Dialysis twice a week, urine output 150ml in 24 hours, Creatinine 12, urea 140. Do i need to increase the times of dialysis for reducing creatin...Read More

My Father Is Diabetic On Insulin And CKD Patient With Creatinine 4 Diarrhea

Hi, doctor, my father is a diabetic on insulin, CKD patient, creatinine 4, diarrhea. His life quality is very low. What should we do now? Are there any treatments to treat his Diabetic Nephropathy? Can creatinine 4 be reduced naturally? You ...Read More

Diabetic Nephropathy How to Stop the Procession of Dialysis

Generally speaking, dialysis is a machine instead of the glomerular to filter the blood. During this process, some toxins will be taken away while some still deposited in the body. What is more, the patients will suffer anemia, weakness, mu...Read More

Is My Mother With Creatinine 300 and Diabetic A Candidate for Dialysis

Hi. my mother is a diabetic patient for more than 10 years now. Lately we noticed that her left foot is swollen, her creatinine result is 300 , is she a candidate for dialysis? Thank you. Hello, please do not worry. We will help you and you...Read More