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Alternative Treatments to Creatinine 428 and Diabetic Nephropathy

For solving diabetic nephropathy, dialysis and transplant are considered as the only way in many countries. But in fact, the patients with creatinine 42umol/L can completely choose alternative treatments to hold their conditions and to enjo...Read More

Diabetic Nephropathy What Can We Do If GFR is Lower Than 50%

It is easy for the patients who suffer from diabetes for years to get ill with kidney disease due to the vascular injury. And thus, GFR will be less and less gradually. And then, what can we do if GFR is lower than 50%? Is GFR less than 50%...Read More

Diabetes Can Chinese Medicine Improve Creatinine 488

Being long time on diabetes, especially for those who can not control the blood sugar well, it is no strange that kidney will be injured bit bit bit due to various of reasons. The manifestations of this conditions will be edema, foamy uirne...Read More

Creatinine 2.5 in Diabetic Nephropathy How to Treat Swelling

Swelling stands for that there are lots of redundant water deposited in the subcutaneous tissue, which looks like the tumidness in the body and leads to weakness, pain, skin problem and so on. Thereby, how to treat swelling for diabetic nep...Read More

Without Dialysis Any Treatment to Go Ahead for Diabetes and Creatinine 3.47

Dialysis is considered as an effective treatment to save the patients with high creatinine level. However, it can not solve the problem from the root causes and also induce many discomforts. While, without dialysis, any treatment to go ahea...Read More

Creatinine 6.55 and Diabetes Controlled with Insulin Is Dialysis Required

Creatinine 6.55 stands for stage 4 kidney disease which is also called kidney failure. In this case, the diabetes patients may start dialysis earlier than other patients as a result of the serious complications caused by dialysis. While, if...Read More

How Chinese Treatment Controls Creatinine 329 Along with Diabetes

At present, more and more patients found out there are somethings wrong with their blood sugar and serum creatinine, resulting in so much discomforts or even mortal danger. Thereby, how does Chinese treatment control creatinine 328 along wi...Read More

Diabetes and Creatinine 373 What Should We I Do to Get Cured

Good evening doctor. I am diabetic for ten years. Now, my creatinine is 373 since three years. What should I do to get cured? Hello. Before talking about the measures to treat you, lets analyze your illness condition firstly. Creatinine 373...Read More

Diabetes and Creatinine 3.4 Is It Dangerous for My Mother

Good morning, my mother is diabetic, and the doctor said her creatinine is 3.4. Is it dangerous for my mother? If you also have any problems about diabetes and high creatinine level,you can contact Online Doctor for more information freely...Read More

How Long Does A Patient That is Diabetic Typically Live On Dialysis

When must the patients go for dialysis? Is dialysis a good option for diabetic nephropathy patients? How long does a patients that is diabetic typically live on dialysis? Now, lets go for the answer of these issues. By the way, you can gain...Read More