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Diabetes and Creatinine 373 What Should We I Do to Get Cured

Good evening doctor. I am diabetic for ten years. Now, my creatinine is 373 since three years. What should I do to get cured? Hello. Before talking about the measures to treat you, lets analyze your illness condition firstly. Creatinine 373...Read More

Diabetes and Creatinine 3.4 Is It Dangerous for My Mother

Good morning, my mother is diabetic, and the doctor said her creatinine is 3.4. Is it dangerous for my mother? If you also have any problems about diabetes and high creatinine level,you can contact Online Doctor for more information freely...Read More

How Long Does A Patient That is Diabetic Typically Live On Dialysis

When must the patients go for dialysis? Is dialysis a good option for diabetic nephropathy patients? How long does a patients that is diabetic typically live on dialysis? Now, lets go for the answer of these issues. By the way, you can gain...Read More

How Can A Diabetic Patient Correct High Creatinine of 6.9

How can a diabetic patient correct high creatinine of 6.9 and urea level of 128 in the body system without option of dialysis?...Read More

Is Chinese Medicine Conducive to Recovering Diabetic Nephropathy

Is Chinese medicine conducive to recovering diabetic nephropathy? If you have the similar doubt, please contact Online Doctor for a personally diet plan and treatment schedule freely. Diabetic Nephropathy. Diabetic nephropathy is one of the...Read More

Diabetes and Creatinine 4.16 Is It Need to Clean Away Siltations

The patients with creatinine 4.16 and diabetes will have a number of discomforts and various of harmful things remained in the body. And then, is it need to clean away siltation at this time? Diabetes standing for high blood sugar in the bl...Read More

What Should We do for Diabetic Patients with high creatinine 6.7

I just reference the website because my mom is a diabetic patient. Past 8 months, we came to know her creatinine level was stating from 2.01. Just 3 days back we admitted her in hospital because for fever and her BP was 209 and then the cre...Read More

Can Serum Creatinine 3.7 Be Cured for Female Age 62 With Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a common disease due to many reason, in which case the patients will suffering from high blood glucose as the the body does not use insulin efficiently. If the patients can not control their blood sugar well by medicines...Read More

How to Reduce Creatinine 3.4 in Condition of Controlled Diabetes

Diabetes stands for a illness condition where the patients have to control the blood sugar in the normal range with medicines, diets or other measures. And being in diabetes for years, it is easy for the patients to have trouble with kidney...Read More

Diabetes and Dialysis, Is There Still Change to Lower Creatinine Naturally

Is there still change to lower creatinine naturally for diabetes and dialysis patients? If you have the similar query, please contact Online Doctor . When the kidney is damaged as a result of the high blood sugar which is also called diabet...Read More