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Prognosis of Diabetic Nephropathy

2013-10-07 16:04

Prognosis refers to the possible condition or the results of disease. Prognosis of diabetic nephropathy is to predict the possible complications and how long the patients with diabetic nephropathy can live.

Diabetic nephropathy is divided into five stages. Patients have different symptoms with illness condition in different stage, so the prognosis of Diabetic Nephropathy differs from case to case. As following, there is prognosis of diabetic nephropathy in different stage.

Prognosis of stage 1 diabetic nephropathy

Patients with stage 1 diabetic nephropathy usually have a good prognosis if their illness can be controlled effectively and timely. However, the problem is stage 1 Diabetic Nephropathy causes no discomforts, so it is really hard to have a timely diagnosis. To diagnose diabetic kidney disease, regular physical test is necessary for patients.

Prognosis of stage 2 diabetic nephropathy

In stage 2 diabetic nephropathy, kidney has been impaired. But there are no clinical symptoms. Through the medical check, they can find the glomerular basement membrane thickened and find glomerular mesangial cells proliferous. This is not severe and this condition can be improved by effective treatment.

Prognosis of stage 3 diabetic nephropathy

For patients with stage 3 diabetic nephropathy, clinical manifestations begin to appear. In this stage, patients need to control their high blood glucose and high blood pressure. In this way, they can improve the prognosis of diabetic nephropathy.

Prognosis of stage 4 diabetic nephropathy

In stage 4 diabetic nephropathy, most of the patients have high blood pressure, and the urinary protein excretion is over 0.5g/24h. Besides, glomerular filtration rate starts to decline. Effective treatments for high blood pressure can slow down the declining speed of glomerular filtration rate.

Prognosis of stage 5 diabetic nephropathy

For stage 5 Diabetic Nephropathy patients, they usually have a poor prognosis or life expectancy. In this stage, dialysis or kidney transplant are suggested. In that case, to improve prognosis, they need to have a general understanding about dialysis and kidney transplant and also take some measures in advance to prevent the possible side effects caused by dialysis or kidney transplant.

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