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Diabetes with Pain on the Back should Pay Attention to Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-11-06 11:53

Diabetes with Pain on the Back should Pay Attention to Chronic Kidney DiseaseDiabetes with pain on the back should pay attention to Chronic Kidney Disease, that may indicate your disease is going to Kidney Failure. Then as a Diabetic how can you know whether you’ve got kidney disease or not ?

According to the research, Diabetes has become the number one disease which can lead to kidney disease, so if you are a diabetic, you should pay special attention to it. CKD is initially without specific symptoms and is generally only detected as an increase in serum creatinine or protein in the urine. As the kidney function decreases, more symptoms will occur. The following are the common symptoms of kidney disease, hoping they can help you to know your disease clear.

Urine Changes: Foamy urine, blood urine, colorless urine, frequent urination at night, decreased urine output and anuria.

Tiredness or fatigue

Fluid retention/swelling/edema

High blood pressure

Lower back pain

Digestive problems: poor appetite, nausea or vomiting


Itching skin

For different people have different symptoms, so if you want to know whether you’ve got kidney disease or not, you should go to see your doctor or chat with our online doctor directly, both of them can give you good advice.

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