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Why Long Terms of Diabetes is Easy to Induce Diabetic Nephropathy

2015-01-02 17:16

Why Long Terms of Diabetes is Easy to Induce Diabetic NephropathyIt is know that Diabetes is one of the mainly disease which can lead to Diabetic Nephropathy, so for people with long terms of Diabetes should pay attention to getting kidney disease. Then why long-terms of diabetes is easy to induce Diabetic Nephropathy ?

For people with diabetes for a long time their blood sugar can cause the change of renal hemodynamics, leading to three high condition, namely high inner pressure, hypertransfusion, high filtration. At the same time, lipid peroxide produced a large number of oxygen free radicals. High glycated hemoglobin produced lots of glycosylation end-products. All these will lead to blood pollution. It can cause hardening of the arteries on the whole body blood vessel, the retina and peripheral nerve can all be damaged.So diabete is mainly damage blood vessels.

You know, there are about one million nephrons in one kidney. And simply speaking, each nephron is made up of capillaries. So his kidney is composed of numberous capillaries. What is more, renal blood flow is a quarter of the whole body blood flow. And we can easily know his kidney is more likely to be damaged by blood pollution.What is more,uncontrolled blood sugar is more harmful.

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