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If Creatinine Reached 6.6 Will It Need to Transplant or Dialysis

Nowadays, it is extremely to see kidney disease due to the unhealthy living styles as well as improved life span and technology. If creatinine reached 6.6 , the patients have to take effective therapies to treat it. While, will it need to t...Read More

Hematuria and Creatinine 2.08 Is Chinese Treatment be Proper Method

Hematuria is a common symptom of kidney disease patients and it usually appears over and over again with western medicines. While, is Chinese treatment be proper method to hematuria and creatinine 2.08? Is hematuria and creatinine 2.08 dang...Read More

Creatinine 400 When Should We See the Improvement with Chinese Medicine

Hello, I have been told that my creatinine level is 400. If I come to China for you therapies, how long should I stay at your hospital? With your treatment, when would I see the improvement? Do you have anyone in US? And what is the cost?...Read More

Any Way to Reduce Creatinine 9.83 Without Dialysis in Kidney Failure

Creatinine 9.83 means the patients are in the end stage renal disease (ESRD or uremia), in which situation dialysis is recommended for remitting uneasiness and extending life. On this occasion, most of the patients wonder to gain any way to...Read More

What Should We Do To Prevent Creatinine From Going Higher or Worse

The elevated creatinine level standing for that more than half of the kidneys are damaged and the patients are near the dialysis which is a therapy for replacing lost renal function of filtering blood with lots of discomforts. While, what s...Read More

Creatinine Level Tested Is 4.8 Is It Need Any Urgent Treatment

Creatinine level tested is 4.8, is it need any urgent treatment? the patient also stated I havent taken dialysis. And I have both diabetes and hypertension. If you have the similar query with him, welcome to contact Online Doctor for the pe...Read More

Is There Any Measure to Improve Swelling Creatinine 4.74 and GFR 23

GFR 23 stands for kidneys are working at about 23%, when patients will have swelling, high creatinine level, high blood pressure or other symptoms. However, is there any measure to improve swelling, creatinine 4.74 and GFR 23? In many count...Read More

Creatinine 6.98 Would Foamy Urine Be Cured Naturally

Foamy urine is a common symptoms of the kidney disease when the kidney is unable to filter the blood exactly as it should do. While, is foamy urine serious? Is it necessary to treat the refractory proteinuria? Would foamy urine be cured nat...Read More

What Happens If Creatinine is 6.5 and Is This Normal or Not

“What happens if creatinine is 6.5 and is this normal or not?” If you also have the similar query, please contact Online Doctor....Read More

Advise and Help for My Brother In Law Who Has Creatinine 9.4

I read about you and your achievements. Its impressive to know we have such highly qualified and professional doctors around us. You are a kidney specialist and helped many people to survive. I am from India and my brother in law has a seri...Read More

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