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Immune Tolerance Stage Of Immune Therapy For Kidney Disease

As to the immune tolerance ,that means enduring and tolerating immune complex . In fact the human body can try to adapt to the kidney disease substance depositing in the kidney tissues. After the immune blocking therapy, though the inflamma...Read More

The Reasonable Treatment For Diabetes and Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetes treatment 1, dietary guidance Dietary control is the basic treatment for diabetes, especially for type 2 diabetes. A reasonable diet helps to lose weight, control blood sugar and prevent hypoglycemia, and improve lipid metabolism a...Read More

Mechanism Of Action Of Autotransfusion Therapy Of Ozone Therapy

At present more and more kidney patients need the new therapy to help them get better treatment,then we will recommend this new treatment to you as following: ( I ) immune sterilizing effect : Activate the bodys immune system and produce va...Read More

Analysis of Hemodialysis To Kidney Patients

The incidence of chronic kidney disease in China is relatively high. The number of patients at the stage of advanced kidney failure requiring renal replacement therapy reaches 1.5 million to 2 million. This is a large number of uremic patie...Read More

Can Hormones Cure Glomerulonephritis

When a person has glomerular nephritis ,at the early stage he has no any discomforts and is easy to despise it , But doctors often suggest them to take hormone medicines to treat it, and after the hormone medicine treatment their kidney con...Read More

Analysis Of the Physiological Function Of Renal Tubules

When an old patient actually had nocturnal enuresis and anemia , but at the time he only thought it was because of age. Instead, they have taken care of coronary heart disease for more than a decade and have taken Guanxin Pills all year rou...Read More

Is The 5 Stage Of Chronic Kidney Disease Terrible

Hi, doctor, i am in 4 stage of choric kidney disease, i want to get some information about 5 stage, is it terrible? Must i take dialysis in this stage? Here i will give some answers about 5 CKD, of course, you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR some ...Read More

What Is The Reason Of Worsening Kidney Disease

When a person has some kidney problem they often dont pay attention to it at the early stage ,and dont accept the reasonable treatment in time, only wait for the development of the kidney condition. But they dont know once the condition det...Read More

How To Relieve Diarrhea In Dialysis Patients

To the dialysis patients ,they often feel tired and weak, poor appetite and diarrhea , that severely influence their normal life and affect the treatment effect, then how to relieve the discomforts, such as diarrhea. The patient who has bee...Read More

Uremia: How Is the World’s Most Expensive Chronic Disease Surrendered

The end-stage of chronic kidney disease , also known as uremia , once you reach the end stage of kidney disease, you have to accept some treatment such as dialysis or kidney transplantation as the local doctors ever suggest you.. What is th...Read More

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