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Is Dialysis Only the Option for My Father With CKD and Creatinine 7

My father is suffering from chronic kidney disease. His creatinine level is 7 . Controlled diabetes and blood pressure is 90/130. What should we do now? Is dialyses only the option? Hello. According to his creatinine level, dialysis has bee...Read More

Is There Still Changes to Reverse Function in CKD and S.Creatinine 7.57

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) appears among so many people because of the unhealthy diets and lifestyle. When it develop into the end stage, dialysis and transplantation are required. While, is there still changes to reverse function in CKD...Read More

Is Acupuncture Available to Improve GFR in CKD with Creatinine 4.7

Acupuncture is one of our traditional treatment, in which the needles will be deeply into the specific acupoints to enhance immunity and body self-healing capital. And thus, the patients can get well. Thereby, is Acupuncture available to im...Read More

Swelling and Protein in Urine, Is It Possible to Lower Creatinine 2.7

On average, swelling and protein shows the kidneys have some trouble with filter the blood by rule and line. Also, it can be a behaviour of the developing kidney disease. While, is it possible to lower creatinine 2.7 with swelling and prote...Read More

How to Reduce Creatinine 3.9 for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

How to reduce creatinine 3.9 for chronic kidney disease patients? The patients with creatinine 3.9 usually suffer from many illness conditions. So that, they are in sore need of reducing the high creatinine level. But the problem is that th...Read More

Is There Any Possibility for My Husband to Reduce Frequency of Dialysis

My husband is 63 years old, had stage V CKD, 833 creatinine level. After 2 weeks on a 3 times a week dialysis, it went down to 530. Is there any possibility that the frequency can be reduced to only ones or twice a week, or ones a month? Th...Read More

What are the Treatments and Good Diet Plan to Stage 3 CKD

What are the treatments for stage 3 CKD? Will a CKD Patient be eligible for a kidney transplant? Where can I find a good diet plan to help slow the progress?...Read More

Is There Any Way to Recover Kidney Function in CKD with GFR 28%

Is there any way to recover kidney function in CKD with GFR 28%? If you have the semblable query, please contact Online Doctor . Besides, here the article will list some information about CKD. 1. Make a thorough inquiry in what is CKD. The...Read More

Are There Chances for Stage 4 CKD Patients Avoid Dialysis

Stage 4 CKD is also called kidney failure, in which the patients will be told that dialysis is needed in the near future. In this time, the patients can not control the condition well simply by diets and living habits. While, are there chan...Read More

Would You Please Help Me and I Suffering From Chronic Kidney Disease

For chronic kidney disease patients, chronic kidney disease will make them suffer from swelling, hypertension, protein in urine and other sicknesses. In many countries, the patients are told that they can only be saved with dialysis and kid...Read More

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