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How to Cure Itching Skin for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Since certain phosphorus and toxins are gathered in the skin, the patients will feel ill with itching skin which will disturb the normal life a lot. While, how to cure itching skin for chronic kidney disease patients? In the first place we...Read More

Is It Possible for Me to Live A Normal Life With GFR 29%

A patient from USA stated that he can only work two days a week and that his doctor told him that the patients with GFR 30% can take full time work. He said his GFR is 29%, but he feels very tired every day. At the last of the message, he a...Read More

What Would We Do to Lower the Blood Pressure with Creatinine 4.7

High blood pressure will induce headache, nausea, heart disease and other illnesses, even give the risk of life. But it is hard for the patients with creatinine 4.7 to depress the blood pressure. While, what would we do to lower the blood p...Read More

Causes and Treatment of Itchy Rash in Kidney Disease

As we all, kidney disease patient will suffer more from this disease, symptoms such as itchy rash is one of them, which can affect the patient’s life quality greatly...Read More

Protein Leakage in Kidney Disease

Protein Leakage is one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease, without control, it may induce some other problems and make further damage to the kidney...Read More

How to Control BUN in Kidney Disease

Normally, BUN ranges from 9-20mg/dl for healthy adults, and it usually won’t be higher than this value until more than 50% of kidney function is lost...Read More

How to Treat Constipation in Advanced Stage of CKD

It is known that Chronic Kidney Disease can induce many symptoms, constipation is one of them. And most of the patients may experience it...Read More

The Reasons and Treatment of Kidney Atrophy

Renal atrophy has a close relationship with the change in renal function, so it can predict the pathological changes of kidneys. Then, what are the reasons of kidney atrophy and how to treat it...Read More

How Dangerous does Creatinine 4.7 in Kidney Disease

My daughter got kidney disease several years ago, and now her creatinine level is 4.7, and she also has high blood pressure. I want to know how dangerous her condition is?...Read More

Why Kidney Disease Patient will Get Fluid in lungs and How to Treat It

Fluid in lungs is also known as pulmonary edema. There are many factors can induce it, such as heart problems, pneumonia, tuberculosis, inhaling toxic gases, kidney problem and so on...Read More