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Is Drinking As Much Water As Possible Good or Bringing dialysis

Hello, doctor. My eGFR is 27. And creatinine is 3.9. Is drinking as much water as possible good or bringing dialysis? This is a message from our reader, if you have the similar query, welcome to contact Online Doctor for free guidance. At t...Read More

Can Kidney Disease Patients Eat Low Sodium Salt at Will

Low salt diet is a basic requirement for patients with kidney disease. It seems like a simple diet principle which is not easy to be done well. After all, many people have been eating salt for many years. So, it is hard to accept the sudden...Read More

Is Fish Good For Stage 3 CKD Patients

Can I have fish? Is fish good for me? If I have so many fishes each day, can I get well? Some stage 3 CKD patients asked our renal expert. For the sake of giving a best answer of this question, lets analyze what effects can fish take on sta...Read More

Why Kidney Disease Patient should Control the Intake of Cholesterol

Why kidney disease patient should control the intake of cholesterol ? You know high blood cholesterol is one of the three modifiable risk factors of coronary artery disease...Read More

Dialysis Patient with GFR 11 What Amount of Liquid should I Drink

Dialysis patient with GFR 11 what amount of liquid should i drink ? Actually, most of the people who are taking dialysis want to know the answers, they are bothered by this question...Read More

Why Chronic Kidney Disease Patient should Control the Intake of Phosphorus

Why people with Chronic Kidney Disease should control the intake of phosphorus ? All the reasons are related to the disorder kidney function....Read More

Kidney Disease Patient with Gout should Avoid to Take Foods with High Purine

Kidney disease patient with gout should avoid to take food with high purine ? You know that kidney disease patient should pay high attention to their diet, if they get gout at the same time they also should avoid foods with purine...Read More

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Eat Black Beans

Black beans are rich in protein and many kinds of minerals and microelements, so it is very popular with many people. But you know that kidney disease patient has high demand in diet, they should pay high attention the the foods they eat...Read More

Why Kidney Disease Patient with High Creatinine Level Need Less Protein

Chronic Kidney Disease is a long term of kidney damage, patients need a healthy lifestyle to delay the progression of this disease. For kidney disease patient with high creatinine level, the most essential diet rule is the less protein intak...Read More

Diet Tips and Specific Food Suggestions for Kidney Disease Patient

It is known that fit food can protect the kidneys form further damage, but the unfit food will add work load to the kidneys, even hurt them, so diet plays an important role in treating kidney disease. But different people have different symp...Read More