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How To Diagnose Chronic Nephritis

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How To Diagnose Chronic NephritisChronic nephritis is a group of primary glomerular disease caused by a variety of etiological factors and it is usually seen in the young and middle-age people. With the development of chronic nephritis, people will experience decreased kidney function. Therefore, have an early diagnosis is very important for patients to protect residual kidney tissues. Well, how to diagnose chronic nephritis?

Chronic nephritis develops slowly and progressively. In the early stage, it is hard to be found as no obvious discomforts are caused. However, as the development of illness condition, patients will experiences various symptoms like swelling eyelid, tiredness, high blood pressure, foamy urine and frequent urination at night and so on. All these symptoms can help to diagnosis Chronic Nephritis, but to have an accurate diagnosis, medical tests are necessary.

Medical tests to diagnose chronic nephritis

Blood test: in the early stage of chronic nephritis, the change of blood is not obvious. But as the deterioration of kidney condition, the level of serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen will increase. By measuring serum creatinine level and blood urea nitrogen level, we can know well about how well our kidneys working.

Urine rountine test: it is to check whether patients have proteinuria or blood urine. For patients with chronic nephritis, they may have excess protein and red blood cells in urine.

Kidney biopsy: it is to confirm whether the kidney disease is chronic nephritis. Usually when the disease can not be diagnosed exactly, doctors may recommend patients to have kidney biopsy.

Medical test is the basic and essential for diagnosing Chronic Nephritis. And only with accurate diagnosis, can we make right decision and choose the right treatment method.

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