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What Factors Can Cause Chronic Nephritis

2013-09-03 13:20

Chronic nephritis is a kidney damage in glomerulus. Glomerulus is made up by a large amount of tiny blood vessels which help filter blood and discharge out excessive fluid and waste products. When glomerulus is damaged, kidney can not work well as usual. Chronic nephritis is a progressive kidney disease. Finally, it will gradually develop into kidney failure. What can cause chronic nephritis?

Chronic nephritis is not an independent disease. A large number of renal biopsy pathologic examinations and clinic study of chronic nephritis show that most of chronic nephritis is caused by immune factors. Many diseases produce immune complexes which will deposit in the kidneys, leading to chronic nephritis.

There are many factors that can cause chronic nephritis. Here are some common conditions:

Acute nephritis: about 15%-20% chronic nephritis is caused by acute nephritis. When acute nephritis is not treated thoroughly, over one year, it can develop into chronic nephritis.

Streptococcal infection: Strep infections of the throat and skin infection may cause chronic nephritis. Infection of the upper respiratory tract is very easy to cause kidney disease.

Other kidney diseases: IgA nephropathy and lupus are autoimmune diseases. For patients with one of these two diseases, their immune system has been impaired. So patients with IgA nephropathy or lupus are likely to suffer from chronic nephritis.

Genetic factors: if some one in your family suffer from nephritis, you have higher risk to experience chronic nephritis.

Goodpasture's syndrome: this is also an autoimmune disease which can cause kidney damage, leading to chronic nephritis.

Medicines: some medicines can cause chronic nephritis, like Penicillamine and Aspirin. If patients take these medicines for a long time, it can have negative effects and cause chronic nephritis.

Chronic nephritis is caused by a variety of conditions. If you suffer from above-mentioned diseases, you have to pay attention to the condition, and go to hospital to check your kidney regularly.

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